Game Show Gurus rolled out Take It or Leave It at 4Bears Casino and Lodge. The suspenseful interactive game gave ten different high rollers the chance to each win up to $20,000 on stage.

Jeff Helfand, CEO and founder of “Game Show Gurus,” said, “Take It or Leave It, is raising the bar in LIVE casino events. We combine the excitement of being on a Hollywood style game show set, with the real-life suspense that comes with the chance to win huge money on the spot,” said Jeff Helfand, CEO and founder of Game Show Gurus. “Also, teaming up with Vic Cohen has been a tremendous benefit. Vic brings with him an Emmy nomination and years of TV hosting and producing in Hollywood on such TV shows as “Deal or No Deal” and “Let’s Make a Deal.” In addition to being a very funny host, Vic also knows how to seriously connect with players and build suspense like no one in the business.”

Vic Cohen stated, “Working with Jeff Helfand is a dream come true," said Cohen. "Jeff’s been producing LIVE game shows for over 25 years. He’s the nation’s 'it guy' when it comes to 'LIVE' game show entertainment. When Jeff told me the concept of Take It or Leave It, I jumped at the chance to team up with him. Jeff is passionate about delivering this technically sophisticated and exciting show to play and watch.”

Take It or Leave It is easy and exciting to play. Once on stage, a player picks one of twenty briefcases that contains a secret dollar amount from $100 to $20,000. During gameplay, the contestant is offered money to sell their chosen case. If the player turns down all of the (often tempting) cash offers, they win the prize money in their case.