Caesars Entertainment Corporation recently announced that the company found no meaningful differences in the average pay of men and women in almost all jobs. Together with Billie Jean King, sports icon and equal rights champion, Caesars Entertainment committed to work to close the gap and achieve 100 percent parity in pay for men and women.

Caesars reviewed 2016 pay data for approximately 32,200 non-union employees from corporate headquarters and 40 properties. Ninety nine percent of women at the company's corporate headquarters and 98 percent of women at the company's 40 properties are reportedly in jobs with no meaningful differences between the average pay of men and women, after accounting for neutral factors.  A follow-up study using 2018 pay data shows that Caesars is already moving toward 100 percent pay equity in all jobs.  Union employees were not included in the study because Caesars is obligated to pay unionized workers established compensation rates under the terms set forth in collective bargaining agreements with the union that dictate the wages paid to all union members.

"The numbers from our internal study confirm that Caesars Entertainment is a progressive workplace that values all employees and promotes an open and inclusive culture," said Mark Frissora, president and CEO. "While I'm extremely proud of what we've accomplished, there is still more work to be done, and I remain committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that we reach 100 percent pay equity."

The company has pledged to conduct a review of pay equity on a regular basis. This reflects the company's greater commitment to ensure equity for all employees and its progress toward the goal to reach 100 percent pay equity across all levels.