Fort Mason Games recently debuted its mobile app, Confetti Casino, a Vegas-style slots game. Confetti Casino is reportedly the only slots app that allows players to play in portrait or landscape, and includes a variety of fun slots themes for players to escape into, including: Tumbling Tikis, 88 Riches and Miami Millionaire, as well as offering classic single line slot machines with bars and lucky 777s. Confetti Casino includes a breakthrough social network that makes it easy for players to make new friends and further their social connections via sending and receiving cute HeartGrams that deliver in-game rewards.

"At Fort Mason Games, we want to create games that provide entertainment, excitement and an opportunity to relax," says, Founder and CEO, Kate Gorman. "Confetti Casino, our first release in our portfolio of upcoming games, is designed to be the 'me time' retreat we all need at the end of a long day of work, while also forging new connections and friendships through those we interact with in the game.

"It's no secret the gaming industry has fallen short when it comes to fostering gender diversity. Building mobile games that appeal to everyone with a focus on women opens up an immense market that other companies have long failed to cater to and capitalize on."