kathy ireland Worldwide has partnered with Gander Group for kathy ireland branded products exclusive to the North American casino marketplace. The announcement was made by Gander Group CEO and Founder Josh Blake.

The diverse products in development include kathy ireland branded indoor and outdoor home products, travel accessories, as well as kitchen accessories under the Chef Andre Sunday Dinner Presented by kathy ireland brand. These products will be exclusive to casino guests and not available at retail.

"We are thrilled for the partnership with Gander Group," says Kathy Ireland,  chair, CEO and chief designer of kiWW. "The entire kiWW team was so impressed by Josh and his team's passion and creativity. We look forward to working with Gander Group in developing exclusive high-quality products casino visitors can enjoy." 

"Kathy is one of the most influential women in licensing, with millions of customers worldwide who are loyal to, rely on and trust her brand," said Gander Group CEO Josh Blake. "Her brilliance at product design and marketing is renowned throughout the industry. We are excited to partner with Kathy and her incredibly talented and creative team at kiWW to bring casino guests new and innovative kathy ireland products of the highest quality."

The new kathy ireland products will be available for the North American gaming industry in January 2019.