SCA Promotions was formed in 1986 as a result of a successful hole-in-one prize coverage business. SCA stood for Sports Contests of America, but over the decades the company has expanded to cover many industries through an array of compelling prizes and creative promotional executions. According to Founder and CEO Bob Hamman, since SCA business revolved around the notion of risk and prizes, branching out into the gaming industry was a natural progression, and the casino-dedicated SCA Gaming was formed. 

Hamman recently took some time to answer questions from Casino Journal Editor Paul Doocey about the company’s offerings and its plans for the G2E show in Las Vegas. Below are some excerpts from his answers.

What products and services does SCA Gaming offer? How does the company support these items?

HAMMAN: We pride ourselves on being a promotional one-stop shopfor casinos and gaming manufacturers. Our end-to-end products range from on-floor promotions, to game shows and boards, to scratch cards, to digital kiosks for loyalty clubs.  And this is just the beginning… we offer large prize coverage, secure lottery technology, sports promotions and a gamification platform to extend our customers’ marketing reach. We can help attract, acquire, engage, entertain, retain and reward audiences of all interests and demographics.  

What sets SCA Gaming apart from the competition? 

HAMMAN: Our secure technologies are a key distinction. When you’re dealing with promotional risk and games of chance, you want to make sure that all results are verifiable and auditable.  

I think what also sets SCA Gaming apart is that we have a great team of designers and account managers who work closely with casino properties and gaming manufacturers to understand their promotional needs and target markets. Our designers then take that information and use it to develop new products that not only meet our customers’ immediate needs, but take them to the next level of promotional engagement.

What are some of the unique patented security technologies you offer?

HAMMAN: Our Truedraw and Tamperguard technologies allow clients to offer the chance to win mega-prizes, secure in the knowledge that the outcomes are fully auditable. Both they, and their customers, can be confident in the process.

Which products/promotions have provided the most success for SCA Gaming in the casino space? Why?

HAMMAN: Over the years, our products and services have earned us the good fortune of partnering with the majority of casinos and manufacturers in the U.S. and beyond. Their repeat business is our highest compliment. SCA customers get the best of both worlds when they bring us on because we have a solid roster of player-favorite games, but we’re also constantly creating new content to drive player interest.

Our kiosk games resonate with players and provide entertaining ways to reward their play. That’s why you’ll see them on so many casino floors. Whether a season-long football pick’em, festive balloon pop or KaChingKo pinball-styleaction, SCA’s kiosks continually rank as some of our most frequently requested promotional products.

Some of our large-scale games, such as the Spin-A-Million wheel and V-Spin, are quickly becoming player favorites as well. 

How does SCA Gaming help its clients from a risk management perspective?

HAMMAN: Our clients need to be able to offer disruptive promotions that grab consumer attention in this era of information overload. They need to make sure that the promotions are effective and secure and that they know their budgets in advance. With SCA, they get all of that.

Another key differentiator in the risk management area is that SCA always has skin in the game.  We vote with our wallet and show partners our support when it comes to managing risks.

How is SCA Gaming evolving its products and services to meet the growing digital and mobile demands of casino operators and their customers? 

HAMMAN: In addition to our robust collection of digital kiosk bonus games that you’ll see on casino floors across the country, SCA’s digital gamification platform is helping businesses across all industries to reach audiences in new ways. It’s simple and quick to setup with scalable options to meet your marketing needs. For casinos, it’s a great way to enhance and extend the customer experience through incentives and reward mechanisms that drive players back to land-based casinos. We’ve found great success reaching the Millennial market through our gamification outreach. The versatility and utility of this platform will only continue to grow.

What products and services will SCA Gaming be showcasing at the upcoming G2E show in Las Vegas? Will you be introducing any new items at the event?

HAMMAN: Due to the overwhelming success of Spin-A-Million, we have created a stylish new look to celebrate the anniversary of this player-favorite. With its impressive floor presence and triple-spinning wheel action, Spin-A-Million has always been a head-turner, but this sleek new design will really have people talking. We expect it to be in high demand, especially for properties wanting to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, New Year’s Eve and VIP events.  

Visitors to our booth can also expect to see our latest Gobs of Gumball Cash game board that makes for a vibrant and colorful on-floor promotion. We are pleased to introduce two all new digital games, Space Cash and Pearl Drop. These interactive games are sure to delight players.  We invite properties to come by our booth to demo these games on our App Launcher and on our large 70-inch touch monitor.

Mobile and gamification solutions are on every property’s mind right now as effective means to extend marketing reach with players on their own devices. Our digital gamification platform is used by some of the top retail and entertainment brands in the world to engage, inform and incentivize their loyal customers, as well as, acquire new ones. Casinos and gaming manufacturers benefit from our gamification model on several levels, from bounce back offers that reward players and drive repeat visits to new product introduction. We offer a large assortment of themed game templates, as well as, customizable solutions to scale to meet customers’ needs.