Prairie Meadows is reportedly making its mark as a casino industry leader with the addition of Siamese Baccarat. The first table game of its kind in the U.S., Siamese Baccarat is popular in China and Canada. The new game draws crowds as the table can fit twice as many players as a standard baccarat table, totaling 36 players at one time.

Prairie Meadows Vice President of Casino Operations, Eddie Llambias, saw a heightened demand for Baccarat from the casino's players. But due to the small size of the standard baccarat table, his team's ability to meet these demands was limited.  

“We realized that just opening up another table would not suffice. Players wanted to play together as a community – wagering on the outcome of the cards on the original table,” said Llambias.  “We initially doodled on a piece of paper to see if we could create a table design that would fit our unique needs. After much research, we found the exact table we had been discussing already existed in China – a Siamese Baccarat table.”

Similar to craps, Siamese Baccarat features dual dealers. The main dealer deals the cards and takes and pays bets while the secondary dealer only takes and pays bets.

Llambias communicated with vendors and discovered that Gaming Partners International (GPI) had a customer in Vancouver, Canada that was utilizing the Chinese design and game concept. Through collaboration with GPI and Prairie Meadows’ in-house carpenters, Llambias and his team designed a layout that met their players’ needs. Prairie Meadows’ carpenters then built a customized table to complement the layout. The new game setup also includes an expanded 60-inch scoring monitor.