In 2008, the Snoqualmie Tribe opened the Snoqualmie Casino amidst the turmoil of an economic recession and uncertainty. Ten years later, not only would Snoqualmie Casino become the valley’s largest employer by providing more than 1,000 jobs, but Snoqualmie Casino has also become renowned for its sophistication and elegance in a crowded gaming market. 

“We are very fortunate to work for an employer who cares so deeply about our community and the Snoqualmie Valley,” said Brian Decorah, who serves as president and CEO. “The experience we provide to each guest is a direct reflection of the Snoqualmie Tribe. It is because of this, that we are relentless in our efforts to improve the property and in providing a signature experience for our guests.”

The casino underwent four large-scale renovations in its tenth year of operation beginning in March. Mist Bar, the centerpiece of the Snoqualmie Casino, underwent a dramatic redesign which includes a programmable tiered LED lighting structure. Next, the Snoqualmie Casino opened a fully-enclosed non-smoking slots room for guests who seek a true non-smoking gaming experience. The Snoqualmie Café and Deli opened this past October providing a quick-serve dining option open 24/7 for guest convenience in an atmosphere decorated with commemorative tribal art. The final upgrade project this year, opened on the day of the 10th Anniversary, featured a new Private Gaming Salon; a semi-private table game room for VIPs and celebrities that expect a state-of-the-art, yet customized and exclusive gaming experience. The Private Gaming Salon includes an electrochromic glass wall that allows the visibility to change from a transparent state to opaque to provide an enhanced level of privacy.

“All of these renovations are part of our vision to maintain our award-winning property as the premier gaming destination in the Northwest,” said Decorah. “We are extremely proud of our property and the level of service that our guests have come to expect from Snoqualmie Casino over our first decade of operation.”

In its first ten years, Snoqualmie Casino has given away more than $645 million in jackpots to its players, have dealt approximately a quarter-million blackjacks, given away 100 vehicles, paid out over $500 million in salaries and benefits and has employed over 5,200 people. The casino proudly employs 174 that have worked at the property since its opening. The casino spends approximately $7 million per year with local contractors and remains very active in the region, with several executives sitting on local boards that serve the community.