The 2019 American Casino Guide is now also available in a new smaller edition with a lower price and offering the same coupons.

The American Casino Guide is a book full of coupons that can save casino and restaurant guests hundreds of dollars that has been published for close to three decades. In change for 2019, the American Casino Guide has recently been released two choices available: the full size 2019 American Casino Guide and a new smaller version.

"Technology has changed quite a bit since we started publishing the American Casino Guide 28 years ago," said Steven Bourie, author. "We have transferred all the great information from the front of the full book into our new free app which allowed us to lower the production costs and we have passed those savings onto our customers so they can enjoy all 182 casino coupons for a much lower price."

The smaller-sized version of the guide doesn't have the extensive descriptions of casinos, instead users can download the free American Casino Guide app, which opens the door to all that information right on a smartphone, tablet or iPad.