A recent study of more than 2,000 American sports bettors gave the green light to further the expansion of sports betting while providing interesting insights into how sports betting can differ from our European counterparts. The study, commissioned by the clearinghouse for online legal sports betting, us-bookies.com, sought to gauge American players’ perspectives on a range of issues both serious and fun. Data sets were broken down by gender, age, employment status, income, marital status and race/ethnicity.

It was reported that 42 percent of those surveyed expressed satisfaction that sports betting had spread to Pennsylvania and a fervent hope that New York and other states follow suit. Twelve percent expressed dissatisfaction over the spread of sports betting while only 1 percent stated that – despite having licensed and regulated sports betting available, they would still place bets with their illegal neighborhood bookmaker.

“This survey illustrates that Americans are serious about sports betting and ready to place their wagers,” said Alex Donohue, industry expert at us-bookies.com. “While European punters are willing to wager on current events, the weather and just about anything else, the American perspective is to stick to business and focus on sports.”

Almost 65 percent of those surveyed indicated a distaste for betting on political events and thought that betting on politics should remain illegal. The survey also found that Americans tended to take a conservative view of Super Bowl wagers with 38 percent stating that they would probably not bet on the game. 

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