Nationwide sports betting expansion is one of many potential policy changes discussed in the National Legislative Preview published by Fantini Research, which examines legislative efforts on the various aspects of gaming in all 50 states and Congress. Other issues occupying legislators will be authorizing online gaming, legalizing casinos in key states such as Georgia and Virginia, expanding casino gaming in big states like Illinois, the proliferation of slot routes, emergence of historical horse racing and authorization of lotteries or potential expansion of lottery offerings.

The National Legislative Preview includes a policy overview and recommendations to policy makers by Michael Pollock, managing director of international consultancy Spectrum Gaming.

The National Legislative Preview kicks off 2019 coverage for Fantini’s Public Policy Review, a comprehensive weekly report on all legislative, regulatory and legal action throughout the United States and Congress that includes real-time reports as important events unfold, it also includes a legislative tracker allowing subscribers to focus on specific areas of interest to create their own customized reports.

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