As the tenure of Bill Miller begins at the AGA, BMM Testlabs announces the launch of its new whitepaper, The American Gaming Association: Past, Present and Future, written by Robin Bernhard. 

What makes the AGA exceptional amongst many contemporary associations is that the playing field of gaming has changed so much over the last 120 years. From the late 1800's when wagers were made in bars in New York City, almost every single aspect of gaming has evolved drastically:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Technology
  • Popular perception and acceptance
  • Where and how gaming takes place

The whitepaper covers interviews providing insight and perspective from former CEOs, Frank Fahrenkopf, Geoff Freeman and Stacy Papadopoulos as well as from the new CEO of the AGA, Bill Miller on the gaming equation they faced (or are facing) coming into their roles as CEO of the organization. With each, a broad range of subjects is explored including, the popular perception of gaming at the time they entered the industry, how they came to the industry, the regulatory and legislative environment at the time, as well as what they see in the future of the AGA.  The intent of the whitepaper is to trace a line through 25 years of AGA leadership to explore how the organization has transformed gaming across the U.S.