Casino operators have traditionally used analytics to understand basic behavioral attributes of customers such as play level, spend and visit frequency. But as gaming properties have become more amenity driven, the competition for visitor wallet share between the casino and other entertainment-oriented facets of the facility has become increasingly aggressive.

To help casino operators regain their marketing edge both within and outside the modern gaming facility, the latest iteration of analytic software solutions from casino management system providers gathers additional player information that can be used to spur unplanned casino visits, increase time on the gaming floor and engage customers before, during and after the casino experience. Furthermore, these analytic solutions allow operators to personalize guest offers, and reward players with offers that emulate their preferences, activities and spend.

“SYNKROS Offers Management seamlessly leverages analytics from SYNKROS Advanced Incentives so that operators can deploy a strategic mix of awards and offers to targeted player demographics,” said Steve Walther, senior director, marketing and product management at Konami Gaming. “This gives players more opportunities to connect and engage with property promotions that are most relevant to their carded activity.”

This increase in consumer information does come with a caveat however…it can quickly become worthless if it isn’t accurate, timely, accessible and actionable. Fortunately, the business intelligence (BI) technology used to manage such large volumes of Big Data has become more available and affordable. Complex AI and machine learning tools have become easier to consume as well, and don’t necessarily require a large team of data scientists to operate. All these advancements have enabled more accurate means to comb large volumes of data to predict specific player actions.

“With more player data available to casino operators than ever before and concepts of advanced analytics becoming a norm, the future of casino marketing would be automation of machine learning systems that personalizes player experience,” said Mukesh Nayak, senior director, analytics research and development at Scientific Games. “We are working with multiple large operators to execute the vision of operators just entering their desired reinvestment budget, and an automated machine learning system determining the right offers for each individual player based on personalized AI-driven recommendations. This enables operators to put disruptive emerging technologies to practical use with minimal overheads.”

“With increased competition across North America and abroad, robust analytics are essential to casino operations and maintaining enterprise health,” Walther added. “As systems gather more data across various sources throughout the venue, the ability to review and act on this data becomes critical to maintaining a competitive edge. We’re even seeing property analytics extend beyond the venue to online social and mobile activity, through property-owned apps and iGaming initiatives.”

As competition for the slot player grows, casino system providers are stepping up with analytics packages that allow operators to better market their gaming floors. Below are some updates from these companies:


In addition to its world-class casino slots, Konami is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions with its award-winning SYNKROS systems technology. It features best-of-breed architecture, an agile single database environment and unparalleled uptime reliability—all powering a robust suite of tools spanning marketing, slots, tables, analytics, finance, cage and credit and more, according to press materials. SYNKROS provides a 360-degree view of the business and its customers through solutions including SYNKROS Business Intelligence, SYNKROS Dashboards, Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine and SYNKROS Offers Management. 


Konami Synkros dashboard


“Among the strongest challenges faced with casino analytics currently are slow integrations, antiquated flat reports and inconvenient access,” said Walther. “As the gaming industry continues to become more competitive, operators can’t afford to rely on inefficient or inaccurate analytics. Agility, knowledge and reaction time are critical to reaching operational profitability goals. SYNKROS Dashboards helps solve this challenge by using the advanced data integration within SYNKROS for optimal speed and accuracy, and deploys it to a highly intuitive visualization tool. By improving the efficiency and accuracy of data mining activities, it empowers operators to unlock the value in their data and gain a deeper understanding of initiatives across all areas of the floor.” 

SYNKROS Dashboards gives staff the analytical independence to leverage all performance measures to the fullest. It provides intimate data revelation with point-and-click drill down capability. With this management system, operators have a complete view of their business health and opportunities to advance.

“Reporting and analytics have always been important to our systems offering,” said Walther. “The wealth of data SYNKROS generates combined with the data it captures through robust integrations gives properties a powerhouse of information on their business. Because we’ve expanded our offering to include tools like SYNKROS Dashboards, operators are able to access that with incredible convenience and interactivity.”

Tools like SYNKROS Dashboards can be used across businesses from floor personnel to executive management. Through Konami’s collaborative partnerships and thorough talent acquisition, it is reportedly able to take an immense ecosystem of data and present it in a digestible fashion to benefit all levels of business for the casinos the company serves.


Scientific Games (SG) has multiple sets of products that help casino operators leverage analytics to improve productivity and enhance player experience. SG’s Campaign Manager tool enables casino marketing operators to automate direct marketing promotions using advanced segmentation techniques and flexible offer rules. SG’s Praxis along with Elite Bonusing Suite uses complex machine-learning algorithms to predict the right offers for players and deliver it directly to the slot machine while the players are playing. “SG has deployed these solutions at multiple casinos around the world and has helped operators target the right players with the right offers,” said Nayak. “Using machine learning and AI technologies, operators have seen a 25 percent increase in win from targeted players.

“SG’s analytics suite of products is integrated tightly with the SG’s proprietary casino management systems,” Nayak added. “This enables analytics to be part of day-to-day operations rather than an after-thought. Marketing and slot departments in casinos use analytics to make better reinvestment decisions and purchase the right slot products for their casino floor. Advanced machine learning tools, integration with leading visualization tools like Tableau and best-in-class marketing delivery systems differentiate SG analytics product from the competition.”

Recently SG’s analytics tools were installed at Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, Turning Stone in New York, Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Snoqualmie Casino in Washington, and over 12 casinos in Canada.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment selects VizExplorer


VizExplorer, a leading provider of operational intelligence solutions, recently signed a new agreement with Cherokee Nation Entertainment (CNE), the gaming and hospitality arm of the Cherokee Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the U.S. The agreement covers all CNE properties in northeast Oklahoma and includes multiple software solutions. 


Mukesh Nayak, senior director, analytics R&D, Scientific Games
Mukesh Nayak, senior director, analytics R&D, Scientific Games


Using VizExplorer’s software solutions, CNE’s casino marketing and host teams could benefit from a better understanding of player preferences and the insights to devise a successful strategy for all players, including VIPs.

The addition of VizExplorer’s Managed Services offering gives CNE a VizExplorer specialist to operate the software and provide advanced analysis, professional custom recommendations and a strategy based on best practices to help accelerate return on investment in the software.

“We are eager to kick off our engagement with VizExplorer,” said Jennifer Provence, vice president of corporate marketing at Cherokee Nation Entertainment. “We look forward to seeing the impact of their technology as we implement these products across our brand.”

Cherokee Nation now joins more than 60 other tribal entities currently using the VizExplorer platform, according to press materials.