At ICE 2019, JCM plans to showcase a wealth of leading and patented products. The company will be on stand N3-220 at the show with a strong blend of bill validation, printing and system solutions.

Leading JCM’s exhibition is its landmark and award-winning iVIZION bill validator. Its powerful blend of high security, high acceptance rate and high customer satisfaction are all reasons why JCM has sold more than 400,000 iVIZION units to casinos of all sizes worldwide.

JCM will also show its new MRX Modular Banknote Recycler. MRX is ideal for a range of payment terminal types and was created for ultimate flexibility, because it allows operators to select the number of cassettes they need for each individual application. It processes notes at two notes per second and has a 15-note escrow for fast returns.

Other JCM bill validators on display will be the UBA, iPRO-RC, VEGA, TBV and the Fujitsu F53/F56.

JCM’s GEN5 thermal printing solution has a fast CPU and print speed and the flexibility to print TITO and promotional tickets, as well as various wager tickets and templated promotional coupons.

JCM’s proven TBV series has become a standard in table solutions because it is compatible with products from various manufacturers. It works in concert with GEN5 and connects to the TBX+ software.

When paired with iVIZION and GEN5, JCM’s patented technology FUZION contains many features that enable casinos to operate more securely and efficiently. JCM will show FUZION v1.0, and its advanced features include:

  • Security Monitoring: money laundering and suspicious activities are detected in real time and alerts can be sent through email, text, or logged in FUZION.
  • Health Performance Reporting: Monitoring of which devices have errors, how well each unit is performing, tracking of paper usage and cashbox fullness.
  • Transaction Database: Every transaction is recorded and associated to a timestamp, serial number, and high-resolution bill or ticket image.
  • Remote Firmware Updates: Firmware for JCM’s GEN5 thermal printer, and iVIZION bill validator can be scheduled and automatically installed at set times.
  • iPromo System-Driven Printing: GEN5 printers can now be used for printing different forms such as W2G tax forms, promotional.

Ticket2Go is one of JCM’s most popular products with operators and is a leading ticketing solution in the UK. Now JCM is enhancing the solution with E-Wallet functionality. Operators can give their customers the new payment type they demand by easily adding E-Wallet functionality to Ticket2Go using the existing JCM system solution – no third-party software required.

Other JCM systems on display will be PromoNet, a floor-wide promotional couponing system; and ICB 4.0 where its intelligent cash box and live web reporting offer real-time health monitoring data and predictive drop and maintenance scheduling to dramatically increase operational efficiency.

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