Environmental Lights announced the launch of the new RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars. RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars are a versatile product that can be used for any application requiring RGB backlighting.

Each RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bar is equipped with six high power RGB LEDs for bright and consistent illumination. The light bars utilize an optical lens over each LED to ensure even distribution of light with a wide beam angle of 160 degrees. The wide beam angle of the RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars enables users to illuminate shallow light boxes and reduce hotspots using fewer light bars.

“We designed RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars to provide even illumination and fantastic color in shallow light boxes,” said Jordan Brooks, president of Environmental Lights.

“Our scenic customers asked us to develop a product that would enable them to better leverage RGB in backlighting applications. We are very excited to launch RGB LED Light Bars to meet their needs,” said CEO Jamison Day.

RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars feature precut mounting holes, making them easy to install. They are dimmable and easily controlled using a variety of LED controllers and dimmers from Environmental Lights. RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars are UL Listed and compatible with complex DMX lighting systems. They can also be used in conjunction with DMX decoders for ultimate lighting control.

Product Features:

  • 160 degree beam angle
  • 6 LEDs per light bar
  • 480 mm long
  • UL Listed, CE, RoHS