The company has been working on its poker platform since 2004 and now offers one of the most complex and agile solutions on the market, according to its website. In addition, EvenBet has integrated hundreds of casino games, slots and sports betting products from its gaming software developer partners. The company’s in-house team of developers, quality assurance and support professionals provides lifetime support and updates for its products, and custom development of new games and gaming options.

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, recently took some time to field questions from Slot Management & Marketing Contributing Editor Joan Mantini regarding the company, its products and trends within the online gaming space.

Please give a brief overview of your company and its for-money online gaming offerings.

STAROSTENKOV: At EvenBet Gaming, we have been developing gaming software since 2004, and in 2006 we unveiled our landmark online poker solution. Since then, we have been working on a variety of online gaming projects—including slots, casino games and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). However, poker remains the core product and central focus of our expertise. All our software supports the use of “real” money, crypto, and even “play” money.

What are some of the latest trends in for-money online gaming?

STAROSTENKOV: I would flag the growing importance of KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions. Gaming software vendors that develop or integrate those seem to draw a significant competitive advantage. Secondly, the changing climate when it comes to regulation. Just witness the U.S. showing its hand state-by-state post-PASPA, or the positive changes in Latin America. With these jurisdictions opening up as legal markets, the online gaming industry will only grow and profit. And finally, I’d also have to mention the progressive impact of crypto tech which represents a new wave in gaming.

How has this changed over the years both in the U.S. and beyond?

STAROSTENKOV: In the U.S., the repeal of PASPA is obviously a watershed moment. That said, while certain states have stolen a march, it may prove a long and winding regulatory road to building a market worth many billions of dollars across the country state-by-state. Over in Europe, on the other hand, gaming operators and vendors can still struggle with authorities’ diverse restrictions. Therefore, selecting the right software partner has never been more important (i.e. securing the most flexible and nimble platform) and can make the difference between securing market share and falling short.

What are some of the latest technologies helping grow this segment of gaming?

STAROSTENKOV: A mobile-first strategy remains key. Indeed, the importance of mobile-only and omni-channel gaming solutions cannot be underestimated because their emergence has changed the whole landscape over the past five years. Not to forget, as previously mentioned, the rise of crypto tech. Of course, there’s always going to be a lot of hype around such innovation, but I believe blockchain will hugely help to build better technology structures.

What sets your products and/or games ahead of the competition?

STAROSTENKOV: Our world-class poker platform is a truly refined gaming product. As we have been developing it for almost 15 years, it now delivers a market-leading choice of games, innovative features, and is very easy to manage and integrate. EvenBet provides lifetime support and weekly updates to our customers, which is another aspect that sets us apart.

Where do you predict the future of this growing business segment?

STAROSTENKOV: Operators will be looking for opportunities to overcome legal barriers and to maximize and globalize their projects. These opportunities presently include crypto tech, different types of social gaming projects and, more generally, new and emerging markets in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Vendors and tech companies will consequently provide more market-specific solutions to accommodate the diverse needs of these territories.

How do you see the European for-money casino trends impacting online gaming globally?

STAROSTENKOV: European market barriers often force gaming companies to explore new markets. Notice how the industry has changed in Asia over the last three years, and how many eyes there are currently on Africa! After all, one continent’s challenge is another’s opportunity…