Bleacher Report, a premier digital destination for Millennial and Gen Z sports fans, recently unveiled its first national study on legalized sports betting, providing insights into the behaviors and tendencies of sports fans aged 21-34.

The comprehensive study reveals Americans’ evolving attitude toward sports betting and how it directly relates to engagement, according to a press release. Its results are based on first-party data and a proprietary survey conducted online by Ipsos on behalf of Bleacher Report within the U.S. among 2,000 adults aged 21 and over. Some key takeaways include:

  •  Sports betting is becoming mainstream: Two in three sports fans aged 21-34 find it socially acceptable (63 percent vs 51 percent); 
  •  Sports betting is growing in popularity: 21-34 year-olds are nearly two-times more likely than bettors age 35 and over to bet than a year ago;  
  •  Betting heightens sports fandom: Bettors are five times more engaged on the Bleacher Report (B/R) App than non-bettors; and 
  •  Younger bettors are social, mobile and bet in real time: One in three place live or in-game bets and prefer to engage across social media with friends when betting. 

Additional findings from the study include: 

  • Bettors pay attention: 63 percent of sports fans said they would pay more attention to games that they watch if sports betting were legal where they live; 
  • B/R wagering stream tied to sports calendar: Engagement on the betting vertical of the B/R app is directly tied to the sports calendar with 46 percent of Sunday engagements occurring the hour before NFL kickoff;
  • State of play: Engaged sports bettors are more likely to live in legal sports betting states; and
  • B/R fans are super users: 82 percent of Bleacher Report users are current bettors or interested in betting versus 47 percent of the total sports audience. 

“We know the Millennial and Gen Z sports fan better than anyone else… it’s what drives our content and guides all the decisions that we make,” said Howard Mittman, CEO of Bleacher Report. “This study is another data pool that will help inform our strategy as we broaden our reach and connection to legal sports betting.” 

Bleacher Report is the premier digital destination for Millennial sports fans creating and collaborating on the culture of sports for the next generation of fans. Bleacher Report launched its betting vertical in 2018 to provide content along with the latest updates and information around sports betting.