E-sports Entertainment Group, a Malta-based and licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on e-sports wagering through its VIE.gg betting exchange, has joined the E-sports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), an independent global body that aims to protect the integrity of e-sports, including working with the world’s largest betting operators and e-sports organizations to safeguard players, combat cheating and educate audiences. 

Established in 2016, ESIC is a not-for-profit association taking responsibility for disruption, protection, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating in e-sports including the threat of match fixing and betting fraud, as well as, other integrity challenges posed to the e-sports industry, according to a press release. Current partners include ESL, DreamHack, Intel, UK Gambling Commission, E-sports Insider and many other important e-sports entities.

Since the coalition was formed, it has led efforts to uphold standards of vital principles applied to e-sports such as leading a 2017 investigation that culminated in two Dota 2 players getting banned from UCC tournaments for two years for betting fraud.  Most recently, a player for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received a five-year ban by ESIC from all e-sports related activities for or with any ESIC member organizations, after being proven guilty of using hacks on two CS:GO tournaments.

“We are impressed by the early commitment of the E-sports Entertainment Group to have competitive integrity embedded in their product, contacting us at the earliest opportunity and keeping us updated throughout the development process,” said Ian Smith, commissioner of ESIC. “It’s always interesting when someone moves into the e-sports betting space with a new offering, especially one that allows players to pit themselves against other players. Naturally, competitive integrity is as important in that arena as it is in any other part of the e-sports ecosystem. Consequently, we are very pleased that VIE.gg has chosen to work with us to protect their product and e-sports from attempted corrupt influences.”

VIE.gg and its members will benefit from its membership in ESIC as follows: 

  • The ESIC suspicious bet alert system is a global network of operators and regulators that identifies and eradicates corrupt betting; 
  • Contributing to the anti-corruption education of players and helping make the e-sports ecosystem safer;
  • Tapping into the accumulated best practices developed by ESIC and its members; and
  • Greater viability in the e-sports space by association with ESIC and its coalition of members.

“Our ESIC membership is a symbol of our commitment to protecting our players and partners from cheating and fraud in e-sports,” said Grant Johnson, CEO of e-sports at E-sports Entertainment Group. “VIE.gg is the world’s most transparent e-sports bet exchange and we will continue to incorporate systems that protect our players. As a result of our participation in this great coalition, we are extending our transparency and protections to even greater levels.”