MGA Games has reinvented the slot machine concept, giving players greater prominence and decision-making power. The latest creation, based on the legend of the city of El Dorado, offers users the option of choosing their own destiny. For the first time, they can choose which mini-games to play. The slot machine has five mini-games adapted to the preferences of each player type.

“The users' attitude towards slot machines is changing," said MGA Games General Manager, José Antonio Giacomelli. "They are looking for games that motivate them more, that they can interact with and that make them feel like they are part of the game. At MGA Games, we have always had a proactive attitude towards end users as a formula for improving the profitability of our products in the hands of casino operators.

"Another innovation in El Dorado is sequential loading, which streamlines game enjoyment immensely and substantially improves graphics quality. El Dorado is a Spanish slot machine with up to eight lines in play, with minimum bets of €1 and maximum bets of €15, offering prizes of up to €15,000."