The EILERS-FANTINI Game Performance Database, which now tracks approximately 130,000 slots and 180 casinos across 26 jurisdictions, allows us to look beyond the aggregated indexes of themes, cabinets and suppliers. Herae we will continue to explain some of those new insights into slot cabinet performance. 

For example, instead of overall averages, stacking (adding together) the top indexing themes by slot cabinet charts an “optimal cabinet portfolio performance.” In the chart below, the top five indexing themes by respective slot cabinet are placed into a stacked bar chart to not only display the top individual themes, but to put into perspective each cabinet’s optimal performance when the best themes are utilized. This illustrates a great opportunity for operators to access insights to game conversions and additional cabinet placements.

Key Observations from the Stacked Bar Chart: 

  • TwinStar J43 stacks the highest with the bar total reaching the furthest to the right of the four tracked cabinets in the chart. This placement highlights the strong portfolio performance produced by the top themes, led by Dancing Drums.
  • Scarab, IGT’s top theme, is a strong indexing theme (fifth of 20 listed), and Solar Disc fairs well as the second theme on the cabinet. However, the rest of the portfolio lags, causing the cabinet to fall even with strong top theme performance. 
  • Note the individual “optimal cabinet” rankings in the bar chart (1. TwinStar J43, 2. Helix Xt, 3. CrystalDual 27, 4. Concerto Crescent) because they differ from the traditional aggregated cabinet performance, which we explain below.  

A traditional grouping, as shown in the chart above, produces slightly different rankings than the stacked bar chart. This is predominately because highly utilized themes can sustain premium indexing with many placements at a single casino. 

Casinos often have multiple banks of themes like 88 Fortunes, Buffalo Gold and Dancing Drums. These large footprints of high-performing singular themes disproportionately weigh the overall aggregated indexing of a cabinet. This isn’t a concern when a game is newly released and the theme has not yet been saturated on casino floors, but when looking to place additional orders of cabinets, it is prudent to look beyond the traditional aggregated indexing in the column chart and to the stacked bar chart for those additional insights. 

Take for example, placing additional orders of Scientific Games’ TwinStar J43. When doing so, consider excluding the performance of themes that were released when the cabinet hit the market, since your casino floor is likely saturated with these themes. Games like the aforementioned Dancing Drums, Double Blessings and Kronos Unleased should be excluded in favor of focusing more on the performance of newer games such as the Jinse Dao and Hexogem, titles that are just now entering the market and performing exceptionally well.

In addition to stacking the top themes by cabinet, a trending analysis should also play a pivotal part in making capital purchasing decisions. Traditionally, a slot cabinet’s “out of the gate” performance is usually much higher than six months to a year after release. This is often attributed to players wanting to test out the new hardware and game titles, combined with a supplier’s cloning of proven game mechanics for launch themes with new cabinets. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it can take several months for a slot cabinet to find its stride with a new game. As we see in the trending chart right, the Helix Xt has followed the traditional release curve, starting performance extremely high then trending down to normalization. On the other hand, the CrystalDual 27 from IGT started relatively slow until a batch of new themes caught on and has since seen an increase in performance. Then there is the TwinStar J43 from SG. Although pre-dating the other two cabinets in the Game Performance Database by over six months, the oldest of the three cabinets has maintained a relatively consistent high performance as unit counts per casino rise, thanks to new themes with proven game mechanics.

All these highlights are featured in the Cabinet Performance Report, a new monthly report from the EILERS-FANTINI Central Game Performance Database published earlier this year. This new report pivots performance data on the individual slot cabinet and produces additional segmentation by physical slot cabinet dimensions and profiles as well as the newly added filters of Core and Premium as provided from each individual slot supplier. Applying cabinet-level analysis should play an important role in your capital purchase assessments as it will help maximize your casino floor’s revenue.