Environmental Lights announced the launch of LumenMax Tunable White LED Light Sheets. LumenMax Tunable White LED Light Sheets from Environmental Lights are ideal for backlighting shallow light boxes with tunable white lighting.

They feature 18 x 9 cut segments that each contain a tunable white node, giving users the freedom to tune the CCT anywhere from 2,400K to 6,500K. Each light sheet segment can be cut horizontally or vertically along the indicated cut marks, allowing the light sheets to be used in custom shapes and sizes.

LumenMax Tunable White LED Light Sheets are among the brightest tunable white light sheets available with a luminous flux density of over 4,000 lumens per sheet.

“We are very excited about these light sheets because they provide our customers with the ability to customize their backlighting by shape, color temperature and brightness,” said Jamison Day, CEO of Environmental Lights.

LumenMax Tunable White LED Light Sheets are 480 mm long x 249 mm wide. Each light sheet comes with two power input cables and two short jumper cables, which can be used to link multiple sheets together to cover larger surfaces.