DraftKings Inc. announced the launch of Flash Bet; a faster, easier way for customers who love sports to engage in every minute of action through live betting and instant winnings. Released just in time for Wimbledon, the offering is the first of its kind and available only on the DraftKings Sportsbook. This new product feature continues the company's reputation of being the first to market with new and innovative sports betting technology.

Flash Bet allows customers to place live, in-game wagers between points in a given match. Once bettors place their wagers via the Flash Bet tab on the mobile or online DraftKings Sportsbook, they will be able to view a timeline of their bet's results and receive payouts seconds after the play is over. Embedded match graphics will show the ball as it moves across the court in real-time with descriptions of the service, points won and court type. The product is currently exclusive to live tennis wagering as DraftKings remains dedicated to enhancing every moment on the court into an elevated fan experience. 

"Live wagering is already widely popular today, but also represents a crucial part of the customer experience and engagement tomorrow," said Jordan Mendell, senior vice president of product research and development. "Short of playing on the court themselves, we are wholly invested in bringing our customers as close as possible to Wimbledon this year, while also giving them a taste of the lightning-quick innovations to come."

DraftKings has applied its prime positioning as a sports technology company to satisfy a growing customer base in excess of 11 million and counting. Flash Bet is another example of the innovative approach DraftKings has taken to develop a world-class product by streamlining the in-game wagering experience and helping usher in an expeditious era of sports betting through mobile technology advances.