Tokyo-based BroadBand Security, Inc. engages in the business of information technology, security management and consulting services. The company has signed an exclusivity contract with Table Trac, Inc. to integrate the CasinoTrac casino management system (CMS) to the Japanese gaming market.

The project, spearheaded by BroadBand Security, Inc., will consist of a working team of companies to provide a comprehensive resort and casino management package for the "Japan Integrated Resorts Combined Management System Project."

"I want to thank BroadBand President Akira Mochizuka, Executive Director, Yasunari Kumono and Dr. Takafumi Shido(Chief Engineer) for the privilege to become part of BroadBand's vision for a Japan Integrated Resorts Combined Management System Project. This is truly a watershed moment for Table Trac. We are honored to contribute to this team of worldwide recognized companies where Table Trac's CasinoTrac system will be integrated with Japanese systems as they create the All Japan Project," said Chad Hoehne, Table Trac founder, CEO and chief technology officer.