Celebrity Slots is launching its latest game, Peterific Slots.  Peterific Slots is a unique social-gaming app, featuring Peter Madrigal, the reality TV star from the Bravo show, Vanderpump Rules. Peter, who currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif., has reportedly had a major influence on the direction of his game.

"The app is more than just your average slot game. It offers an incredibly interactive experience for my fans. Not only is it incredibly designed, but it is so much fun to play. I can't wait for everyone to get it in their hands, later this month," said Madrigal.

The game will feature a variety of levels, fun challenges and will reward its players with prizes that Peter has specifically selected for his fans. The most exciting of these rewards are the jackpot prizes that offer contestants travel accommodations and the opportunity to both meet and spend time with the television star.

"We are excited to provide Peter's fans with such a Peterific experience. Celebrity slots creates a unique opportunity for fans to engage and play with their favorite celebrities. Peter's fans are in for a treat," said Chandler Rapson, the company's chairman and co-founder.

Peterific Slots is scheduled for release on July 29, 2019 on both the Apple Store and Google Play platforms.