Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR) recently installed bipolar ionization technology to combat tobacco smoke and odor throughout the resort. The new Plasma Air smoke and odor control system is the first of its kind in northern Nevada featuring 120 Plasma Air 50 Series ionizers. The system neutralizes the air on the gaming floor and throughout the facility.

“As we have invested more than $200 million over the last eight years, the guest experience has remained of the utmost importance,” said Shannon Keel, general manager for GSR. “This new system will raise the level of air quality and guest comfort throughout the resort and we are proud to work with Plasma Air to bring this new technology to the region.”

GSR was among the first to feature a non-smoking area of its casino floor to provide a smoke-free locale for guests seeking a clean-air solution. Now, the Plasma Air smoke and odor control system can increase the air quality for all guests. In addition to neutralizing odors, the system reduces smoke particulate by 96.3 percent, reduces total volatile organic compounds by 98.6 percent and reduces bacteria and viruses by 99.9 percent.