Slated to sell Hypersound products in the U.S., Videotel Digital announces directional sound speakers to its line of digital signage solutions. As the sole U.S. distributor, Videotel Digital will pass along the revolutionary audio innovation to its customer base and prospects alike. A highly-directional audio solution suited to engage immersive experiences akin to virtual reality. HyperSound’s disruptive audio innovation is soon to be the new pro audio sound.

“To put it very succinctly, HyperSound is right up our alley," said Lisa Schneider, the VP of marketing and sales at Videotel Digital. "Not only are the commercial applications vast, but the directed audio technology pulls extensive attention to Videotel Digital’s core product line. We’re thrilled to be such an integral part of the chain that will bring HyperSound® products to market in the U.S."

Unequivocally categorized as the new generation of audio technology, HyperSound Pro Audio was created by the Turtle Beach Corporation. Within a short time, the technology changed how brands approach in-store media due to its unique ability to create customized audio zones. This marketing advantage was helpful across a broad range of consumers which, in turn, increased sales and the much-coveted dwell time retailers so enjoy.

So how does HyperSound work its fascination? It projects sound without the use of large loudspeaker arrays and sound bleed. It thereby controls the audio footprint by forming sharp directional beams that strategically draw the attention of specific passersby.