Vice Chair Kathryn Isom-Clause, and Associate Commissioner E. Sequoyah Simermeyer of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) released the Fiscal Year 2018 Gross Gaming Revenue numbers. FY 2018 revenues total $33.7 billion, an overall increase of 4.1 percent over FY 2017.

The GGR for FY 2018 is the highest in Indian gaming history; and, unlike previous years, all of the NIGC's administrative regions experienced positive growth in FY 2018. The Portland Region showed the highest growth, with an 8.2 percent increase, followed by the Oklahoma City Region with a 7.3 percent increase.  Graphics that show the growth across each of the NIGC Regions are available for download on the NIGC website.

"The GGR calculation process is an example of the partnership between tribes and the NIGC to ensure effective regulation for a successful tribal gaming industry," said Isom-Clause. "These numbers reaffirm the industry's health as a stable economic driver for Indian Country."

Revenues are calculated based on 501 independently audited financial statements, comprised of 241 federally recognized tribes across 29 states. The GGR for an operation is calculated based on the amount wagered minus winnings returned to players. 

"The annual GGR tells a positive story about Indian gaming's economic success and the industry's ongoing contribution to a strong economy. It also tells the story of how collaboration among tribes, industry and the regulatory communities can build a strong reputation for reliability and integrity in the GGR calculation," said Commissioner Simermeyer.