Acres 4.0 announced CyberMax, a revolutionary slot system that gives casinos total ownership and control of detailed behavioral data about its games and players.

“CyberMax is to existing slot system technology as Netflix streaming was to Blockbuster video technology,” said John Acres, CEO of Acres 4.0. "Modern commerce requires personalization, immediacy and privacy that existing systems weren’t built to deliver. We started fresh with exactly those attributes in mind and, like Netflix, CyberMax will certainly revolutionize the user experience.”

The foundation of CyberMax is a fast data pipeline that instantly delivers detailed behavioral information to casino operators and any vendor they wish to share it with. Operators reportedly receive exponentially more data because reports occur in real-time with every handle pull, and include large amounts of information ignored by existing player tracking systems. There are no costly, proprietary interfaces to buy and the data pipeline is guaranteed to remain unchanged across future versions. This enables casino-approved third-party developers to economically test, deliver and maintain innovative applications.

CyberMax is also the first truly modular slot system. Casinos buy just the modules they need and run them alongside their existing slot system, thereby saving capital expenditures and eliminating risk and disruption.

“What’s exciting to me are the innovative applications that CyberMax enables,” said Noah Acres, vice president of marketing at Acres 4.0. “Casinos face increasing demands for social responsibility and government compliance. CyberMax empowers new concepts in financial reporting, harm minimization, fraud detection and anti-money laundering, all while reducing or eliminating associated paperwork.”

“We designed CyberMax to function effectively in casinos of every size and across multiple properties,” said Mark Dailey, chief systems architect at Acres 4.0. “Although CyberMax has more capability than any other system, it costs considerably less. We’re really proud of that.”