London-based BetConstruct is a global award-winning technology and service provider for the online and land-based gaming industry. The company’s innovative and proven offerings include Online and Retail Sportsbook, Classic and Virtual Reality RNG & Live Casinos, Poker, Skill Games, Fantasy Sports, Social Gaming Platform, Sports Data Solutions and more—all ready to be launched and managed through SpringBME, its pioneering business management environment.

Within Sports Data Solutions, the AI-powered scouting tool AJNA performs game flow recognition and provides statistics and extremely accurate technical data to create new unique markets to bet on.

All partners benefit from the BetConstruct Spring Platform with its powerful back office tools and all-inclusive services. From stand-alone set up to turn-key and white label solutions, BetConstruct offers its partners an unparalleled opportunity to succeed.

Recently Vigen Badalyan, founder and CEO of BetConstruct took some time to answer questions from Casino Journal Editor Paul Doocey regarding the company’s products and its plans for the U.S. marketplace. What follows are some edited excerpts from this conversation.  

What has been the most profitable/successful gaming segment for BetConstruct and why?

BADALYAN: What makes up the winning formula for us is the independence given to the operators, who use our technology and services. We offer a full range of sports betting as well as gaming products. We cover B2B and B2C support for our partners, offer marketing and legal support as well as dedicated i-gaming-focused services like CRM, CMS and AI-powered risk management. As a company active in multiple markets around the world, we provide everything the operator needs to succeed in their region of choice or worldwide.

Why is BetConstruct now targeting the U.S. marketplace?

BADALYAN: The U.S. market is the next big thing. It is a peculiar market and being active there is like catering to 50 different countries,taking into account both the legal requirements and player preferences.

We believe that this market, so long as states continue their steady adoption of gaming legislation, has thepotential of becoming the biggest one in the world.

As for now, we have good grounds to strengthening our presence in the U.S. Every experience here holds a significant value, and with every new entry we learn which products and services to provide, we localize our existing products and, of course, try to bring innovative solutions.

What inroads has BetConstruct already made in the U.S.?

BADALYAN: To be as close as possible to our operators, we have had an office in Los Angeles for a couple of years now. We have also been very active looking at each state’s regulations and trying to help the legislatures as much as we can with our experience.

On the partner side, BetConstruct was happy to welcome Pro Football Hall of Fame through Atlantis Gaming to its partner family. Launching this premium fantasy sports experience in the U.S. market is only the beginning for us. At G2E, we will present our portfolio of U.S.-related products which can help operators attract more players and improve liquidity.

What are BetConstruct’s goals for the U.S. marketplace?

BADALYAN: As in every market we enter, we are looking to build long-term relationships which will be as profitable to our partners as to ourselves. Our goals are to help the market grow, help them with our innovative solutions and make new long-term partners.

How can BetConstruct products help U.S. operators? What sets BetConstruct products apart from those offered by competitors?

BADALYAN: We believe the U.S. market needs providers who can follow all the rules and requirements to protect both players and operators as well as dare to be different and offer unique and creative set of products. Our knowledge of i-gaming business will surely help many potential U.S. operators avoid the unforeseen hitches in running online gaming operations. We have a great deal of experience in different markets such as Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Please describe your SpringBME solution and the advantages it provides operators…

BADALYAN: We put choice in the heart of SpringBME, the business management environment, which opens the door to the vast world of gaming and betting products and services with transparent pricing and a growing number of licenses secured from the most reputable gambling authorities.

Users of BME can easily purchase a ready-made website from BME marketplace or request a SpringPro version to have their very own team of bookmakers, risk managers and support.

Sports betting solutions are an increasingly pressing need for U.S. operators as more jurisdictions move to legalize this form of wagering. What solutions does BetConstruct offer in this area?

BADALYAN: Our award-winning sportsbook is very well known worldwide. We have more than 50,000 pre-match events and more than 40,000 live events. To help operators stand out in the market and offer a unique interactive player experience, we launched a voice activated solution for gaming assistance.

I believe the name of this voice-activated product is Hoory… please describe it and why the company decided to utilize voice-activated technology into some of its products?

BADALYAN: Voice-activated technology has been around for a while. We trust our smartphones and tablets to do such little tasks as switching the music playlist on or setting the timer. The technology is widely used in every corner of the world. It made sense for VRT to see a broader application, so we decided to integrate similar technology into the domain of i-gaming.

As you mentioned, our VRT-based gaming assistant is called Hoory. This name has a story behind it—Lazy Hoory is a famous Armenian folktale about a frivolous and lazy girl. However, unlike the fictional character, BetConstruct’s Hoory is here to assist players in placing bets, learning sports statistics and navigating through operator’s website. By recognizing the user’s voice Hoory interprets commands and performs the requested actions.

Primarily, virtual assistant Hoory was created to deliver a hands-free betting experience. A simple command is enough to take a user to the sportsbook, even show the forthcoming matches of a chosen team and their latest statistical data. Currently, Hoory understands 100-plus commands and this number is growing.

Still, the goal of launching a VRT assistant is to deliver a fast and simple solution for players to spend less time on browsing through operator’s website.

E-sports wagering is another topic of interest to U.S. operators. What solutions does BetConstruct offer for this market segment?

BADALYAN: We have an extensive offering for e-sports that is very competitive in the market. E-sports bettors are a diverse demographic coming from many regions, but all of them share the same passion for e-betting. Our e-sports offering has grown to the point where we’ve decided to separate e-sports from the sportsbook and deliver it as an independent section on the homepage for its partner operators. We are always improving our product and adapting it to every market, and e-sports is a very promising product considering the scale of popularity it has been received during the past couple of years.

What new products and technologies will BetConstruct emphasize at Global Gaming Expo (G2E)?

BADALYAN: We have two new products to reveal: Predictor, a game which allows players to predict the outcome of sporting events, and Sweepstake, a contest-type game tied to sports.

It goes without saying that our award-winning Sportsbook will be demonstrated at G2E Vegas. We will also talk about our Fantasy Sports, Social Gaming, the above-mentioned gaming assistant Hoory and so much more.

BetConstruct partners—both existing and future—are invited to our special presentation of products for the U.S. market on October 15, taking place in the same venue as SBC’s Vegas Baby party just a few hours earlier. During our presentation, we will have drinks and discussions on topics like launching online sportsbook from scratch, fantasy sports landscape in the U.S., the hidden potential of social gaming and much more.

Vigen Badalyan is founder and CEO of BetConstruct. He can be reached at