G2E 2018 was a coming out party for the sports wagering industry in the U.S. For those with short memories, it seemed every session you went to and every booth you visited, the primary topic of discussion was the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of PASPA and the shot-in-the-arm effect it was having on the formerly moribund U.S.-based sportsbook and sport betting business (well, at least outside of Nevada where sports wagering has always been a pretty persistent performer).

The good news for the nascent U.S. sports betting industry is that G2E 2019 is once again shaping up to be a very sports betting-focused event, at least on the conference side. Even better, the content appears to be taking more of a deep dive into practical operational issues as opposed to general session topics. I’m betting the vast majority of Sports Betting Management readers this month will be cracking open this issue at G2E, and if you happen to be one of these people, I suggest taking a walk over to the conference area and perhaps sitting in on the following sessions which caught my eye:

Session: Efficient and Secure Payments Strategies to Drive an Improved Payment Experience

Description: Post-PASPA sports betting activity is accelerating in the U.S. and, as additional states continue to regulate the vertical, operators are realizing the importance of developing a broad and streamlined payments strategy to maximize player acquisition and retention. Join a team of experts from Golden Nugget, Paysafe, Visa and Worldpay to discuss the major payments challenges to date, players’ payment preferences (credit cards, digital wallets, prepaid online cards and online cash), current trends and updates on fraud and risk. The panel will also forecast what’s next for U.S. i-gaming and the payments space in 2020 and beyond.

Session: Risk Management and Responsible Gambling

Description: This session will cover mission-critical information regarding management of risks related to operating online gambling products, in particular, sports betting products. The session will focus on consumer-related risks, business-related risks and a research collaboration to identify and address those risks. Among the topics covered are consumer-related risks with a focus on gambling addiction/responsible gambling, customer verification and data protection—tools, policies and programs and their implementation; business-related risks—prevention of match fixing/fraud/money laundering; and evidence-based identification of risk for gambling-related problems.

Session: Executive Viewpoints: NHL Commissioner Bettman and Leading Gaming Executives Discuss New Business Partnerships

Description: In this session, National Hockey League (NHL) Commissioner Gary Bettman and leading gaming executives, Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill U.S., Greg Carlin, CEO of Rush Street Gaming and Matt King, CEO of FanDuel, will share their viewpoints on the evolution of their thinking about sports betting opportunities and the current and future value of new business partnerships. Themes to be covered include: How learning more about the gaming industry changed the perception of betting on sports for a league commissioner; understanding how multiple partnerships benefit everyone; learning from the experts how leagues approach and evaluate business deals with operators and technology companies; determining the value to an operator of striking deals with sports leagues; and the fan acquisition and engagement opportunity online and offline as a result of sports betting.

For more information and these and other sports wagering-based sessions at G2E, visit www.globalgamingexpo.com.

I strongly suggest attending one or more of these sessions if possible; after all, there is no such thing as a wasted educational opportunity (as some former athletes are sure to attest).