OmniView Sports has announced the upcoming release of the GameChangr, a device and app that will change the way sports gamblers and fantasy players watch their favorite sports on television.

Like social media, people have multiple platforms they use when placing and following bets, and bounce from one app to another depending on what they want to see. OmniView's app is personalized to the user's preferences. The app will provide odds from all the major sportsbooks, keep track of all the bets a user has placed and the players and individuals the user has on their fantasy team. The app learns what individuals want to see and takes them there when something great is about to happen. Users will never again miss a moment that matters to them in the sports world.

According to Nikhil Patel, co-founder and chairman of OmniView Sports, "Sports betting is growing in America and we are seeing more and more states voting to legalize sports betting. 19 states recently passed bills legalizing sports betting, including Colorado, North Carolina and Illinois. In total, there are 42 states in various stages of legalizing sports betting.

"With more and more states passing sports betting bills, there will be a huge interest in our product." We are providing a product and service that you will want to keep your eyes on."

The GameChangr powers a personalized viewing experience while the OVS app predicts what will happen in any particular sports game.  The OVS app notifies the individual and signals the GameChangr to change the channel so the individual sees every moment that matters to them. Viewers don't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the experience. It is all as easy as setting your preferences and connecting the GameChangr to the OVS app.

The GameChangr allows viewers to witness the best live sports moments as they happen for the ultimate viewing experience. All of this can be enjoyed from the comfort of an individual's home. This device will soon be all the rage for sports fans, sports bettors and fantasy players.