MedixSafe announced it brought to market a key control solution ideally suited to meet the needs of casinos. Key control and key management rank high on the compliance list, as highly sensitive areas requiring security, such as counting rooms and drop boxes in casinos, are accessed and locked down with physical keys.

The MedixSafe Key Care Cabinet allows users to organize their keys, limit and control access, remotely unlock and have a history log of who was granted access to the key cabinet. This type of history, or audit trail, is especially significant for casinos to show accountability and keep in compliance. The MedixSafe key cabinet can connect to any network allowing remote control to add and delete users, check history and remotely unlock the cabinet.

A "key" feature that differentiates the MedixSafe Key Care Cabinet from low-end key cabinets is that it enables more secure access. Because a single PIN can be easily compromised, dual, triple or biometric authentication credentials are required before access to the Key Care Cabinet is granted. It accommodates over 1,000 individual users any authorized computer on the network can access the cabinet to manage the database, check activity and add, change or delete users. All event transactions, cardholder data and system control parameters are stored in the panel onboard memory and will remain intact, even in the event of a power failure.

For quick key identification, key tags in the Key Care Cabinet face outward, have an extra-large snap open window, and can hold multiple keys. The Key Care Cabinet is specifically designed to serve the mid-level market, offering an affordable alternative with advanced features not found in low priced cabinets, but without the added cost of a high end, expensively priced cabinet. It also offers a manual, supervised key override feature.

"MedixSafe is dedicated to providing the very best in key control," says Jim Turner, president, MedixSafe. "Our new Key Care Cabinet is an ideal solution for casinos as it enables them to maintain accountability and control over their keys, keep the wrong people out, and remotely unlock the cabinet."