Win Systems, a leading technology supplier for the gaming and entertainment industry, inked an agreement with Israel-based CyberHat to offer a professional managed cybersecurity operation center (SOC) network protection and cybersecurity services to casinos.

According to a press release, CyberHat is a multinational company with more than 70 highly skilled specialists offering cybersecurity professional solutions that enable companies of all sizes to grow their business while keeping a 100 percent secure working environment. Thanks to CYREBRO, its Smart SOC (security operation center), the company offers monitoring, detection, analysis, incident response and remediation services against cybersecurity threats, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Through the agreement with CyberHat, Win Systems strengthens its position as a global supplier for the gaming sector, offering high-value and state-of-art solutions. The company has presence in 60-plus countries around the world, and more concretely in its Systems Division, it manages more than 340 casinos in 20 jurisdictions with its casino management system Wigos, connecting 95,000-plus machines.