Fans in legal sports betting states will see in-arena responsibility messaging due to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) new public service campaign designed to educate fans and consumers about responsible sports betting practices.

The “Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly” campaign is currently live in Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, with plans to launch in other sports betting markets soon, according to press materials. Through the campaign, the AGA is leading the gaming industry in responsible sports betting promotion, both in key markets and nationally. The effort also focuses on bolstering responsible gaming engagement from sports leagues, teams and other new entrants into the sports betting ecosystem.

“This is a watershed moment for sports betting in the U.S.,” said Bill Miller, president and CEO of the AGA. “Roughly 100 million Americans will be able to legally wager on sports in their state by the end of this year. It’s more important than ever that the gaming industry, and our new partners in the sports betting ecosystem, are proactive in equipping patrons with the tools they need to engage in these offerings in a responsible manner.”

The campaign focuses on four responsible sports betting principles:

  • Set a budget and stick to it;
  • Keep it social: play with friends, family, and colleagues;
  • Be informed: learn the details of the games you’re playing; and
  • Play with trusted licensed, regulated operators.

“By encouraging consumers to have a game plan when they wager, the industry is making good on its commitment to instill responsibility as a key tenant of every new legal sports betting market,” Miller said.

Fourteen states now offer legal, regulated sports betting, with six more states and the District of Columbia poised to open legal markets in the coming months. Americans have legally wagered more than $19 billion on sports nationwide since PASPA was overturned, generating $175 million in tax revenue to state and local governments.