COVID-19 is imposing change across all aspects of society — precautions we would have thought odd at the start of 2020, such as wearing face masks and social distancing, which the sensible among us now accept. The gaming industry is no stranger to such COVID-related adjustments, as evidenced by temperature checks, plexiglass shielding and a myriad of other safety features present at recently reopened casinos.

I fully expect many of these modifications to be abandoned once the spread of COVID is checked and a cure developed in the months or years ahead. However, there is a good chance that some of these COVID-forced procedures may stay and become commonplace; solutions that may have developed naturally over time but instead evolved much quicker thanks to the coronavirus. For the U.S. casino industry, COVID forced gaming operations to more thoroughly embrace enhanced cleaning procedures, cashless payment technology and online forms of wagering—all provisions that are likely to linger going forward.

Much like the gaming industry, Casino Journal and BNP Media, its parent company, have not been immune to COVID-associated adaption. Some of these new solutions have worked better and show more promise than what we had in place before, so much so that they will be emphasized going forward.

One such item for Casino Journal you are enjoying right now—an enhanced digital version of the magazine. It was the intention of BNP Media, like a great many other print media entities, to eventually transition to a digital-centric publishing format. COVID, and the need for readers to access magazines safely from remote locations, forced a drastic acceleration of this strategy. So, while Casino Journal will continue to have a significant print presence at industry tradeshows and events, going forward the magazine will be online-oriented and rely primarily on digital distribution.

For the editors of Casino Journal, this digital-forward format frees us to generate issues in a more timely fashion with fewer costs and constraints—going digital allows us to create and disseminate issues to you at a much faster and more efficient clip; so much so that Casino Journal will now be produced twice a month. Keep an eye out for a second July issue of Casino Journal, which will be landing in your inbox later this month. 

Hopefully, you will find this to be one of those changes for the better.