When it comes to operating a casino gaming floor during the ongoing COVID crisis, some aspects are easier to manage than others. Take the slot machine, for example. Sure, because of social distancing and other coronavirus-related safety constraints, a property may be offering fewer gaming machines choices to prospective players, but the intrinsic experience of playing the slot remains essentially the same—a one-on-one contest between a person and a game. In a way, the modern slot machine encounter dovetails nicely into COVID-restricted gaming floors: a single-person gaming space (easy to make safe and clean), established cashless play (fewer touchpoints to worry about), and little need for staff intervention (which lessens potential exposure and virus spread).

On the other end of this spectrum is the table games pit. Roulette, blackjack, poker and other popular games offer no easy way to make them COVID-proof and profitable. A number of people working in close proximity to each other are needed to properly operate most table games, which ultimately exposes more employees to potential infection. Finally, table game play is very much a group social experience, and restrictions to the number of players, positions and table personnel dramatically alter the pit area vibe, which will keep customers away. To say the least, it is something of a challenge to operate a table games area while COVID hangs around.

Fortunately, we can offer some help in this area thanks to our annual Table Games Conference, which will be taking place virtually this year. The event, scheduled for November 17, will offer sessions that directly address COVID concerns.  For example, the subject of the event’s executive roundtable session, “Taking Stock of the New Normal,” will explore how operators are making the most of the current situation from the standpoint of product mix, new technologies, staffing and overall strategy. In another session entitled,  “COVID-19: Table Game Marketing Strategies and Tactics,” attendees will hear how table game operators are adjusting their marketing mix and customer relationship management strategies to meet the realities of the “new normal.”. For a listing of all Table Games Conference sessions, visit www.tablegamesconf.com

It’s well worth pulling up a virtual seat and attending.