Roll To Win Craps from Aruze Gaming America received top Platinum honors in this year’s 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products contest, beating out AGS’ Bonus Spin Xtreme, which won the Gold award, and Scientific Games’ augmented reality table game Kyber, which received a silver prize.

The platinum, gold and silver winners received the three highest scores of nearly 50 submitted products in the annual contest, which was judged by Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Resort; Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT; and Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions.

The full Top 20 list of designated products was announced in August and published in the September issue of Casino Journal; a recap description of the winning entries is provided below:


Roll To Win Craps



The traditional table game of craps has not changed significantly for an exceptionally long time. The myriad issues that existed were seen as inherent to the game itself, impossible to change. By reimagining the table as a modern, interactive object, Aruze Gaming’s Roll to Win Craps has solved all these issues. And like all the best innovations, the solutions seem oblivious once they’re created.

Roll To Win Craps generates entirely new ways for players to experience the game since its a hybrid between a traditional table game and a fully automated electronic table (ETG) game. By incorporating personal player displays, cash handling, ticketing and player tracking, this product has brought the conveniences of slot play to craps. The atmosphere of player comradery that exists at a craps table and the player’s interaction with the dice remain, while dealer payout errors and prohibitive staffing costs vanish.

Roll To Win Craps allows players to shoot live dice across a 12-foot LED playing field. The brilliant LED panels give new life to the traditional craps table by displaying dynamic graphics featuring multiple playing field layouts and animations to engage players and bystanders.

Roll To Win Craps provides interactive visuals throughout the LED playing field and large LED back-wall display positioned in front of the dealer. Player terminals feature a comfortable 21.5-inch LCD monitor, supporting up to 10 players. Virtual chips color coded by player are placed on the LED playing field and individual terminals. The gaming experience is enhanced with multi-channel sound and subwoofer.

“Roll to Win Craps is arriving on the scene at a perfect time,” a judge said. “In the COVID-19 environment, this product is able to address issues like chip cross contamination as well as social distancing both for players and staff.”

“The best thing about Roll to Win Craps is that Aruze automated the mundane tasks to reduce labor but kept the element players want most—the dice,” another judge added.


Bonus Spin Xtreme



Bonus Spin Xtreme is an innovative progressive side bet system that drives excitement, engagement and revenue on any table game on the casino floor.

The first side bet to link all table games on a casino floor and offer a single shared jackpot, Bonus Spin Xtreme allows casino operators to seed only one jackpot, which means jackpots will increment faster for larger jackpot awards. Its innovative design, which features three concentric wheels, allows Bonus Spin Xtreme to award all participating players with a community prize, as well as award one player position with an enhanced prize, which may be a progressive jackpot. In addition, through AGS’ proprietary math, Bonus Spin Xtreme is the only progressive side bet on the market to provide one unique progressive jackpot winner for different games with different probabilities of winning, including community-style table games like roulette, baccarat and craps (in which every player is using the same cards/wheel with one outcome).

The unprecedented fusion of three wheels interacting with each other in Bonus Spin Xtreme delivers anticipation and excitement never before available on table games—and especially never available on community-style table games like roulette, baccarat and craps.

The wheel also creates a social and community spirit, as all the participating players at the table game cheer for each other to win.

“Bonus Spin Xtreme looks like a great way to bring popular slot machine features like linked progressive jackpots and wheels into the table game environment,” one judge said. “It creates visually exciting, interactive and fun bonus elements for players with the added benefit of additional revenue for the casino.”




Scientific Games

Kyber, Scientific Games’ augmented reality table game, is pushing the boundaries of traditional table games and evolving the game in a significant way.

Kyber combines exciting projections and object recognition technology to reimagine the player experience while enhancing interactions during the game.

The augmented table game features Blazing 7’s Cash Spin which incorporates an exciting Cash Spin bonus that detects hand gestures and brings a dynamic bonus round to the games. The bonusing feature also allows casino operators to learn more about their players. Through Kyber’s technology, operators will have a better sense of which players are making side bets and participating in bonus experiences.

Kyber utilizes a laser projector to create a bonus mechanism that can be projected onto a tabletop. With the ability to use laser technology, Kyber challenges the traditional table game. Kyber is truly innovative because the product’s technology has pushed the boundaries of table games by removing additional hardware and limitations created by the felt layout. The projected images allow the players to choose their own interactive experience at the table, by spinning a wheel or picking the right combo to get a bonus, all through curated augmented game play.

Operators will benefit greatly from the data metrics and gain a deeper understanding of their table game players.

Utilizing Scientific Games’ computer vision and biometrics technology simplifies partner operations further by verifying player age, supporting responsible gaming and enhancing player loyalty programs.

“By introducing unique and innovative bonusing to table games via augmented reality, Kyber gives the player this new found excitement in exchange for technology that gives the casino more information about the player,” a judge said.