Starting with the user experience Casino Marketing & Technology Conference attendees will be offered via a digital platform. This platform allows you to view sessions live and on-demand, network, chat online with other attendees, schedule meetings, download important content and more. So even if you can’t be at your desk during the event dates (November 9-11), you can access the content through next June. That’s if you’re a paid attendee, of course.

On the content side, we will be focusing on how to make the most of the here and now. From reduced gaming capacity to the elimination of key non-gaming amenities all against a backdrop of consumer fear and uncertainty, the “new normal” for casinos has fundamentally changed the game for marketers. This year Casino Marketing & Technology Conference and its pre-event workshop, Raving Consulting’s Loyalty and Player Development Conference, have tailored every session topic to the unique circumstances of this moment, offering marketers an opportunity to apply what’s working and avoid what’s not in their daily jobs.

The learning starts before the event goes live, with Raving’s pre-recorded Loyalty & Player Development Conference boot camp sessions that will be available starting November 2. Raving will review key terms and strategies for a progressive loyalty club and how integration with the player development department is critical, and discuss strategies for casinos relying on fewer or less experienced team members, more kiosks and changing protocols due to COVID restrictions. 

Other COVID-related topics to be explored at Loyalty & Player Development Conference include: 

  • Comps: The session “You Want What? Practical Reinvestment and Comp Strategies for Hosts,” focuses on the issue of comp strategies in a time of no concerts, large VIP gatherings, and limited amenities. How do you know how much to give, what to give and resist turning on the “free play faucet”?
  • Reward programs: Attendees will learn the math behind setting a point structure and the pitfalls to avoid, including overinvestment in loyalty club tiers. In light of COVID, it is critical that rewards and offers are based on a solid, core math base.
  • Player acquisition: As there has been some shift of demographic for the short term, how do you determine if a new player is worth your time? How do you make up for players that are just not coming back?
  • Touchless technologies: People don’t want to stand in line; they want more independent interactions where they don’t have to physically interact with employees. Clubs may be operating with less staff. How do we streamline interactions with guests and employees to limit direct contact? 

    COVID-19 will also remain center stage at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference. Topics will include:
  • Customer service: The importance of frontline team members remains paramount, but they can’t be counted on to resolve conflicts arising between those who embrace safety measures and those who question them alone. Casinos are in an all-hands-on-deck environment where top management, gaming operations and surveillance must all play a role. 
  • Database management: Relational databases are a marketer’s most powerful tool, but the disruptions associated with COVID-19 have not made the task any easier. Hear from speakers who have been in the trenches and will discuss five key barriers to successful casino marketing database management and how to surmount them.
  • Promotions: Marketing in a pandemic means promoting to customers in ways that appeal to their gaming needs and don’t reduce their comfort level on site. Free play still wins, but car promotions and large crowds will not be of interest in the short term. Point multipliers are touchless so they can be a good motivator for high-value players. These are among the early takeaways on casino promotions post-reopening, but how are they evolving? 
  • Staffing: Hear from your peers how they are working with their teams to stay productive and engaged while dealing with everyday issues such as training, scheduling, working from home and staying in touch (or not) while on vacation. You’ll also hear job satisfaction data on their casino employee priorities, such as career advancement, and work/life balance issues.

Executive roundtable: Ryan Frohberg, chief marketing officer, Casino Del Sol; Shannon Redmond, vice president of marketing, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh; and Steve Neely, general manager, Rolling Hills Casino will assess the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations. Specific issues to be covered will include steps taken along the way to reassure customers, how relationship management and loyalty programs have adapted, and some rules of the road for casino marketing and operations as we head into winter and 2021. Panelists will also give their views on when they expect the new normal to start resembling the old normal and what just may have changed forever in their business as a result of the pandemic. 

Full virtual event details and registration information are available at Sponsorships and exhibit booths are available by contacting Sean Bogle at (248) 786-1719;