COVID-19 continues to rage across the nation and the world, forcing all aspects of the gaming industry to adjust constantly.

An example of this occurred just last month, when Global Gaming Expo (G2E)—the annual lollapalooza of all things casino—was held virtually. Despite this handicap, the tradeshow portion of the event continued to showcase some of the latest and greatest gaming devices and innovations in numerous categories, including table games. What follows are some of the table game products that stood out during our visit to G2E’s virtual booth lineup, as described by companies in their own words.



Arb Labs

ARB Labs’ chipVUE bet recognition system


ARB Labs provides technological solutions and business intelligence for table games in the global casino industry.

ARB Labs patented chipVUE product is a leading table game bet recognition and chip tracking solution that automates the collection and analysis of player-level table game data. Providing slot-like analytics that capture table game players’ true value to casino operators for significantly more accurate, and reduced, promotional marketing spend. ChipVUE is a proprietary 3D optical bet recognition platform that integrates easily into exiting table games. It works with casinos’ existing tables and chip without the need for RFID. ChipVUE bet recognition hardware is an all-in-one computer integrated 12-tube chip tray, which provides data to optimize game mix and table game profitability.

At virtual G2E, ARB Labs also displayed trayVUE, an add-on module to the chipVUE system that provides real-time accounting for each chip in the tray. This allows operators to automate credits and fills as well as simplify openers and closers.



The table games portion of Aruze’s virtual G2E booth was devoted to Roll to Win Craps, the company’s evolutionary, award-winning electronic table game (ETG) concept.

This game represents a hybrid between a traditional table game and a fully automated ETG by incorporating personal player displays, cash handling, ticketing and player tracking, bringing the conveniences of slot play to craps. The atmosphere of player comradery that exists at a craps table and the player’s interaction with the dice remain, while dealer payout errors and prohibitive staffing costs vanish.

By reimagining the table as a modern, interactive object, Roll to Win Craps has solved the issues that still plague many traditional game formats. All payment aspects of the game are now automated, while live player-thrown dice remain the game-determining mechanism. Individual player bets are displayed on the shared playing surface, and a dealer still controls movement of play and calling legal or illegal rolls. All 10 player terminals are synchronized, and once the dealer enters the results of a roll, pays are nearly instantaneous. The dealer terminal has an extremely simple interface for dealers to interact with during game play.




Two iterations of IGT’s Dynasty Peak Terminal EGT.


International Game Technology PLC (IGT) used its presence at virtual G2E to unveil Dynasty Peak Terminal, its latest electronic table game solution.

Dynasty Peak Terminal features hardware that can be configured to maximize any casino floor. Arc, circle, stadium and in-line options are all available, including timely safe guard dividers for guest and player protection.




Interblock’s GV 1.0 ETG software in action.


Casino operators worldwide know Interblock as a leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table game products. The company’s multi-player gaming devices continually set industry standards and provide the ultimate in luxury interactive entertainment experiences for casino players.

Among the featured products at the Interblock virtual booth was GLOBAL VERSION 1.0 (GV 1.0) for its Diamond line of ETGs. GV 1.0 is the latest iteration of the company’s proprietary ETG software—a feature-rich, easy-to-use gambling application that enables players to simultaneously enjoy up to four games on the same play station. It brings a smooth flow into the game with automatic repetition of players’ last bets. If they choose to do so, they can keep playing without ever removing the bet. GV 1.0 also adds a new flair to gameplay by letting players place a bet in the dealer’s stead.

In total, 11 games, like the new commission-free Dai Bacc, are always at the players’ fingertips.



Scientific Games

Scientific Games showcased its entire line of Quartz electronic table games at virtual G2E. Among the standouts was the newly redesigned Quartz Auto Roulette, which brings traditional roulette to a fully configurable, live-action layout that allows players to utilize 26.5-inch LCD HD interactive touchscreens to place their bets. An attractive, full-color readerboard offers the latest statistics and game trends, and a camera displays the live ball drop on screen.




TekVisions displayed the ASSURE BET ClearChip UV-C Chip Sterilization system, designed to eradicate pathogens on gaming chips daily. Ultraviolet light is scientifically proven to kill pathogens, including viruses, neutralizing them in seconds when calibrated properly. Ultraviolet light is the fastest, most cost effective, least messy, least laborious, and least damaging process for effectively decontaminating casino chips.