As with many gaming tradeshows during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it will not be business as usual at this year’s Cutting Edge Table Games Conference (TGC).

To start, the November 17 event will be offered virtually this year, with conferences, vendor offerings and networking opportunities all taking place online. 

Moving TGC to a digital platform has not detracted from the event’s primary calling cards, one of which is its strong session track. TGC 2020 will offer a unique educational program filled with practical solutions for operators across the country facing an array of challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will include numbers-oriented, workshop-style sessions conducted by renowned table game experts as well as hands-on operations and marketing discussion panels featuring table game executives from a broad range of casinos and market segments.

“Cutting Edge Table Games Conference will offer something time-honored and something new, recognizing that though market circumstance may change, game math is what it is,” said Charles Anderer, executive editor, Casino Journal, producers of the event. “Table games player limits and numerous other restrictions on operators have altered the landscape, but any tweaking of odds, game mix, and promotions need to be handled with extreme care. Our program will identify new paths to profitability while helping operators avoid potentially costly mistakes.” 

Session titles for TGC include:

  • How Rules, Procedures and Side Bets Effect Table Game Hold Percentage: In this 60-minute session, attendees will learn how the number of hand decisions and wagering spots influences hold percentage (and win), how changing game rules alters the hold percentage range, and why adding side bets is so important. Leading table games educator Bill Zender will be the presenter.
  • Executive Roundtable: Taking Stock of the New Normal: COVID-19 has changed the rules for table game operators and they have responded in kind. In this high-level discussion, industry thought leader and Hard Rock table game executive Bennie Mancino will lead a dialogue about  how operators are making the most of the current situation from the standpoint of product mix, new technologies, staffing and overall strategy.
  • When Promotions Don’t Add Up: Table games already have a thin house advantage that can be vulnerable to advantage play. However, when an ill-conceived promotion significantly alters the game rules, players can have an enormous advantage delivered on a silver platter. In this session, gaming math expert Michael Shackleford will analyze specific promotions that made it past the internal vetting process to the casino floor, only to be beaten terribly by even amateur advantage players aware of the mistake.
  • COVID-19: Table Game Marketing Strategies and Tactics: Table game operators in the reopening phase are faced with supply restrictions, social distancing requirements and a player base that is more dependent on gambling for entertainment in an amenity-constrained environment. In addition, operators must manage the conflicts and stresses that come along with safety measures that are not always uniformly embraced. Mike Meczka, the casino industry’s foremost market researcher, will lead the discussion.
  • Table Game Protection: Protecting Your Bottom Line in Challenging Times: Table game operators are always wrestling with new and enduring forms of cheating and advantage play. Now COVID-19 contact tracing and other protocols often have the effect of taking attention away from revenue protection and its importance to the business, a scenario that thieves and scam artists exploit. In this session, renowned game protection expert Sal Piacente will remind attendees what they should be looking for in the way of cheating and theft, and alert them to new threats.


In addition to strong session content, TGC 2020 will also feature extras that only a digital platform can provide. Digital ticket holders can access:

  • Flexible scheduling: Attendees can view TGC anytime from the office, their home or on the road.
  • The TGC live broadcast: All education sessions will be broadcast live on November 17. They will include an opportunity to ask questions to speakers.
  • Virtual networking: Connect by shared interests through social media, chats, meeting rooms and message boards.
  • Digital handouts: Access a virtual library of videos and documents made available by speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Continued learning: Access everything on-demand through October 2021. That includes sessions available on-demand.

In addition, attendees will be able to sample and review entrants in the new Cutting Edge Table Games Game Developers Forum, an online version of Casino Journal’s popular Best New Table Games contest.

Visit for more details and to register for the virtual Cutting Edge Table Games Conference.