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Robert HammanRobert Hamman
President and CEO
SCA Promotions and SCA Gaming

15-time World Champion and 21-time number one ranked bridge player in the world. Since Robert founded SCA in 1986, SCA has paid out over $200,000,000 to its clients in prize coverage. This correlates to over 120,000 effective promotional events. Robert established SCA Gaming shortly after founding SCA and assembled a dedicated, experienced team to focus on the opportunities and challenges of the gaming industry. A gambler himself, always relishing the chance to buck the odds, his unique prospective about what motivates people to take part in a promotion that offers life-changing prizes has made a difference for casinos worldwide. Focused on results for the casino and incomparable guest experiences, Robert and the gaming team meet regularly to generate creative solutions that answer the needs of clients at all levels, whether they are turnkey digital promotions that drive traffic and play, or large audience game shows that produce mass appeal. Robert is author of “At the Table – My Life and Times,” an autobiography and bridge guide written with Brent Manley, executive editor of the Bridge Bulletin. It recounts his career as a professional bridge player. The book is a clear indicator of how Robert successfully ‘bridged’ the gap between the bridge world and the casino world.

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