Netherlands-based Gaming Support will provide exclusively designed custom signage, as well as slot-themed signage to be featured within Holland Casino Rotterdam


Netherlands-based Gaming Support has reached a definitive sales agreement with Holland Casino covering the purchase and installation of Gaming Support signage for its Rotterdam casino. Under the terms of the agreement, Gaming Support will provide exclusively designed custom signage, as well as slot-themed signage to be featured within Holland Casino Rotterdam.

“We’re honored to be awarded this scope of work,” stated Nick Hogan, Gaming Support’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “The package selected features a number of cutting-edge design components, including full-scale JackpotJunction XL integration, and signage to match existing slot themes,” continued Hogan. “We look forward to delivering to our valued client what is sure to be a spectacular showcase.”


“As Gaming Support has demonstrated through its many signage projects with Lucien Barrière, Casinos Austria, Hyatt Regency and multiple slot manufacturers, the team possesses the creativity and material capacity to deliver top-tier work at attractive price points,” stated Remko de Boer, the new Concept Innovator for all Holland Casino’s gaming operations, and previously the Product Manager for Holland Casino Rotterdam. “Further, since integrating the company’s JackpotJunction XL suite in 2008, we’ve been exceedingly happy not only with the quality of goods delivered, but also the competency and dedication demonstrated by the company’s employees. We’re happy to award this very critical project to Gaming Support and we look forward to our ongoing work together.”

Separately, Gaming Support is being tasked with all of the installation activities required to successfully enable Holland Casino Rotterdam to completely restyle its gaming floor. Totaling some 725 slot machines and 60 live table games, such a complex gaming floor installation contract is a service Gaming Support regularly carries out for its customers; a service unique to any European casino sign company.

In 1975 the Dutch government appointed Holland Casino the sole permit holder for operating casino games.  Holland Casino offers the adult consumer a legal and well-monitored gaming and entertainment environment with glamour and style.  Daily thousands of Dutch visit the casinos because of the varied offering.  Holland Casino’s approximately 5,000 employees focus on their visitors’ fun and safety.  Holland Casino operates 14 establishments, all in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Schiphol Airport, Utrecht, Valkenburg, Venlo and Zandvoort.