The Paulson Value Mold from GPI prevents counterfeiting of lower denomination table game chips

GPI is returning to NIGA this year and will showcase its latest table game product advancements. The company will be demonstrating a wide range of gaming currency and table game accessories at the May 2014 event, along with a number of new innovative products designed to provide customers more choices in currency security and table game solutions.

One of the company’s newest gaming currency products, and a valuable security feature, is its Paulson Value Mold. According to a company press release, this new product takes the chip’s denomination and debosses it into the outer mold ring of the chip. This makes counterfeiting lower denominations into higher denominations more difficult while simplifying currency authentication for dealers and other casino staff.

Another new currency security feature is GPI’s 4C-UV. An innovative and advanced security feature, 4C-UV incorporates a unique full-color image or network pattern into the chip’s decal which can be quickly authenticated at the table with a standard UV detector. It can also be layered with other security features for maximum currency protection.

The company’s gaming tables will be on display, including the Paulson Value table and Quick Change table inserts. The Paulson Value table uses the same quality craftsmanship and quality materials as standard gaming tables, but has been engineered to offer a quality table that is more sensitive to budgetary constraints. Quick Change table inserts streamline the process of changing a table’s layout for special events and campaigns.

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