Socialinus, the web games and game app startup, announces the immediate availability of TEXAS HOLDEM POKER CHAMPIONS.

Poker Champions is a No-Limit Hold’em poker game focused on providing players with an unforgettable experience of competing real-time and winning against hundreds of others in online multi table tournaments (“MTTs”). Poker Champions currently stands as the one and only MTT provider on the entirety of Facebook which truly captures and provides the same fist-clenching, heart-pumping moments seen in TV-broadcasted massive poker arenas.

Poker Champions tournaments are available all year round, offering six MTTs each day for global players to jump in at their preferred times. Each MTT session ranges from over an hour or two, sometimes even more, depending on the overall number of competitors taking part in the event.
With each tournament, the lucky winners and runner-ups get to collect prizepools 100x the size of an initial $1 million buy-in, but Wednesday’s Big Tournaments are exceptional, as only the best enter with a $5 million buy-in and compete for prizepools that exceed billions.

Poker Champions is Free-to-Play, offering poker enthusiasts a chance to enjoy the full poker experience without losing anything. The prestigious champion spot is open to thousands of players across the world, but only one player who can prove their skills gets to earn bragging rights.

For players who would rather avoid the limelight and play relaxed and secure, Poker Champions offers two additional game modes. The Ring Games lobby provides familiarity with tables of standard No-Limit Hold’em, ranging from buy-ins of $10K to $5B, and these tables as well are available for fun seekers to join 24/7.
The Sit-n-Go mode is a small but high-risk, fast paced mini-MTT serving as a middle ground between larger tournaments and regular ring games. Featuring one single table, 9 players battle to eliminate each other. The top 3 players are then awarded their share from the overall prizepool.

Poker Champions also knows how to keep players entertained with even more engaging features. Players can earn achievements and free chips for accomplishing variously leveled required actions, like winning a tournament for the first time, or bluffing to make an opponent go all-in.
Players can also record their previously played games with the Replay feature; not only does the Replay video collection let you relive your best hands, it also reveals your opponents’ hands and their success rate, much like a poker simulator suitable for self-education and improvement.

Think World Series of Poker, but in your own living room: Poker Champions provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience that closely resembles poker tournaments broadcasted on TV. Compete to win again and again, earn admiration for your skills and respect for your champion status. It cannot be denied that with its unique and thrilling tournament mode, Poker Champions indeed stands tall among the myriad of social poker games on Facebook, and lets you play the ultimate dream.

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