Gaming operators are recognizing the importance of leveraging new technologies across all products on the gaming floor as they seek solutions that create efficiencies, differentiate their property and drive revenue.

Informational kiosks and ATMs are one such solution that can cut direct labor and material costs, as well as reduce the amount of time a patron waits in line, allowing them more time to play.

Casino operators are relying on information technology that improves their overall product, value and performance. And once they have incorporated the functionality of the informational kiosk or ATM into their casinos, they are looking to increase their bottom line and provide a more convenient experience for the patron. 

Below are a few suppliers in this area and the latest news, new products and casino placements for their informational kiosks and ATMs.


Since incorporation in 1999, MGT has been developing various software applications for casino marketing purposes and its MGT Promo, the company’s flagship product, is currently installed in over 260 casinos. 

Based in Las Vegas, MGT has designed and developed numerous software applications to increase the gaming patron’s time on device and control marketing reinvestment dollars for the casino industry. Its products are centered on self-service marketing functions using a kiosk and/or mobile device. Serving both commercial and tribal casinos throughout the U.S. and Canada with advanced and effective promotional kiosk marketing software, MGT products include: electronic drawings, point/comp redemptions, sports contests, electronic game boards, bonus games, loyalty card printing and real-time account information.

MGT software gives casino marketers a tool to use when designing their promotions. With MGT’s software, marketers are not locked into any “pre-designed” promotions, instead they can create any parameters that are best suited to their customer’s desires and patterns. Additionally, it has an application program interface (API) that makes sharing the kiosk information through a web portal and/or mobile device easy. Casino management can choose best of breed products and services for their digital marketing needs and use the MGT API to give their patrons real-time account information including point, comp and electronic drawing entry balances, as well as available promotions and offers. 

A second screen on top of the kiosk allows for advertising content. MGT also gives the casino marketing team control of specific buttons on the touch screen to interface specific web pages to provide any non-gaming information for the patron. 


MGT promotional kiosk with top screen
MGT promotional kiosk with top screen.


MGT’s open API technology allows for third party access to player data. This access creates a simple mobile solution to casino marketers, since they are able to use their existing MGT applications with whichever mobile app they prefer. Casino patrons can use this app to access account information, available promotions, player tier (level) status and prizes awarded.

In addition to giving casino patrons MGT functionality on their mobile devices, the company has also launched kiosks that allow for player card printing. The CPK (card printing kiosk) allows for reprints of specific card tier and new player enrollments. The CPK enrolls new players and prints their player card in under 90 seconds, with a scan of their government issued ID.

Most recently, MGT has signed Eldorado Resorts as a multi-property customer, and other notable clients include Boyd Gaming, Penn National Gaming, Pinnacle Entertainment, Affinity Gaming, Churchill Downs and Delaware North.

“At G2E, we will continue to enhance our API and we will be showing more messages that are relevant to the casino patron,” said Mark Bryant, president and CEO for MGT. “Specifically, sports promotions running simultaneously on the kiosk, web and mobile. Additionally, we will show a reliable loyalty card printing kiosk solution.”


Gaming Technology Group (GTG) offers affordable slot, cash management and player loyalty systems for small to mid-sized casinos and slot routes. GTG was formed in May, 2010 as a spin off from its predecessor, Western Money Systems. With its full casino system, UltraLinx, and its flagship GameLinx and PlayerLinx systems, GTG currently has installations in nearly 200 gaming locations. 

Gaming Technology Group’s PromoLinx kiosk offers a 42-inch vertical touchscreen along with a voucher, receipt and coupon printer. The PromoLinx screen can be split into two equally important displays simultaneously. Operators can choose to deploy a patron engagementscreen and an advertising or static informational screen. This dual functionality affords the operator the ability to deploy PromoLinx as an informational and promotional tool in the guest’s venue.


Gaming Technology Group’s PromoLinx kiosk
Gaming Technology Group’s PromoLinx kiosk offering a 42-inch vertical touchscreen along with a voucher, receipt and coupon printer.


The PromoLinx kiosk presents a large display which allows guests to clearly see and understand all casino promotions, marketing messages and static informational displays. The player engagement area allows patrons to access their offers while experiencing exciting events and appealing games. As PromoLinx is promotionally focused, casino guests become very familiar with it and seek to engage it during each and every trip and thus serves as a beneficial informational tool, according to product literature. Static branded messaging can inform the user of a new structural amenity, new hours of an existing revenue center and even directional information… all of which can be pointed to specific guests, tiers and groups.

GTG recognized an opportunity for promotional kiosks to better incentivize casino guests during their current trip and sought to fill it. PromoLinx provides casino guests visibility to offers that they may be close to qualifying for and could possibly receive while at the casino. PromoLinx does this by displaying large individual progress bars for individual achievements for each patron. Thus, with “Swipe & Win,” “Earn & Get,” “Pick & Win” and “Drawings” functions, it is now easier than ever for guests to stay in tune with their points, balances, offers, benefits and property information while visiting and engaging the property through this exciting technology.

“Guest awareness and acceptance are typically the primary goals when launching any new guest-facing technology on the gaming floor,” said Jon Whipple, CEO of GTG. “These two critical components will prove to have the most immediate impact on future gaming and non-gaming revenues for the entire organization. 


Jon Whipple, CEO, GTG
Jon Whipple, CEO, GTG


“Marketers know that many people don’t like or adapt easily to change and that some technologies can be intimidating to highly valued longstanding casino guests,” Whipple added. “Operators are still learning this today and are realizing that a pre-launch, launch and post-launch plan should be developed prior to introducing any type of new system or kiosk inside the guests’ venue. But, once a thoughtful launch plan has been established and executed, operators tend to focus on guest engagement frequency and interaction experience to further enhance the guest’s overall visit.”  

To provide this invaluable assistance to operators, GTG recently launched its Professional Services Division. This offering encapsulates GTG’s 60 years of gaming operator experience, working with over 60 gaming properties. “The goal is to consistently provide positive, exciting interactions, and to exceed the guest’s expectations with the new technology,” Whipple said. 


SCA Gaming is an experienced promotion company that services the gaming industry. Over the past 22 years, SCA has deployed more than 20,000 promotional events to hundreds of casinos worldwide.   

SCA Gaming kiosks have provided a variety of promotional services for both domestic and international casinos, encompassing hundreds of separate campaigns. The company’s proprietaryhardware RNG (random number generator), offers secure and verifiable random outcomes on all promotional products.  

The company has a significant number of promotions designed to reward patrons with targeted non-gaming prizing easily setup via the promotion prize tables. The kiosk software supports the display of advertising and marketing media in several different formats; multiple types of video, static graphics and display of website material. The advertising loop is setup via a simple scheduling interface and runs automatically when promotional games are not in play. Printed prize vouchers can be customized for advertising as well as prize redemption. 

SCA has also incorporated some cutting-edge technologies into its product offerings. The company’s casino-based kiosk software utilizes the latest technologies from Unity, Adobe and Microsoft to provide promotional gameswith the quality normally found in newer slot machines.  Its mobile product line offers casinos a mobile-only solution, or can be used in conjunction with a casino based kiosk promotion. The company also offers device-independent promotions that can be used in conjunction with kiosk versions on the casino floor. SCA developed digital versions of its popular game show-style game board promotions.

Atrient’s PowerKiosk powers its way on the gaming floor


Atrient, a technology company


Atrient, a technology company established 16 years ago, has worked exclusively with gaming operators for the last 10 years and has partnered with multiple wholly-owned and operated locations globally.  

Atrient has a specialized team that works with, and understands the unique needs of, the ever-changing gaming industry. It leverages this expertise to build solutions to meet its customer needs. The company has built PowerKiosk, an omni-channel marketing platform that accomplishes these goals. Its products are utilized by MGM Resorts International, San Manuel Casino, Cherokee Nation Entertainment and other operators of all sizes.  

Sam Attisha, CEO at Atrient, took some time out to discuss the company’s informational kiosk offerings with Casino Journal Associate Editor Joan Mantini. Below are his responses:

Please give an overview of your informational kiosks and what they entail.

ATTISHA:  Unlike other vendors that offer only promotional kiosks, Atrient has created a platform to deliver promotions, information and loyalty features to patrons. A kiosk is just one way of delivering that information. We provide an integrated platform that includes our own mobile applications, promotional kiosks and enrollment kiosks. You do not need to contract with a different vendor for your mobile app experience or to be able to send SMS messages etc.  Enrollment, receiving offers and redeeming offers is all part of one integrated experience. 

How do your products help non-gaming services to promote and advertise on the gaming floor?

ATTISHA:  With a large number of gaming operators looking to attract patrons to events, services and other amenities provided by the integrated resort, these touch points are an important focus of all marketing departments. As operators attempt to replicate the Las Vegas gaming experience of integrated resorts, operators around the country require advanced vehicles to market to patrons. Atrient offers play-based incentives that allow operators to create rewards that include gaming and non-gaming operations. Operators like MGM Resorts International use PowerKiosk as a vehicle for interactive content across all activities. From shopping to hotel and restaurants, PowerKiosk is a vehicle to allow patrons not just to view but interact with content specific to the visit.

What are some of the latest technologies you are incorporating into your system?

ATTISHA:  We are currently migrating away from flash technology and implementing HTML5 and Unity 3D for our game catalog that is currently in excess of 300 games. In our latest product version, we have also added advanced functionality that allows triggers to occur based on a set of rules. This might be sending a report to a marketing manager automatically with all detail of a drawing after it has been completed or sending a notification to a player using the mobile app if they meet some threshold (such as qualifying for a promotion).

What are operators most interested in when it comes to incorporating new systems?

ATTISHA:  Flexibility, reliability and functionality. Operators want a product that allows them to do what they want. Too often do we hear that a vendor came in and sold them vaporware—it either doesn’t work, is in the road map or requires professional service. We focus on providing casino marketing teams a flexible set of tools that let them determine the optimal promotions for them, rather than dictating programs through a limited set of features.

What are some of your latest installs or deals with casino operators?

ATTISHA:  Atrient recently went live with Caesars in both New Orleans and Baltimore with our card printing kiosks. We expect an enterprise deployment to be completed by late 2019. Atrient has installed our products at the highly anticipated opening of the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. Upcoming installations include some of the largest operators in Asia. 

For patrons, how are you incorporating user friendly/simplicity of use with modern technology?

ATTISHA:  Our philosophy in this sense is to take the approach in creating the most simple, straightforward experience possible. By using modern technology, we can enhance the patron experience. This means, for example, leveraging software code to remove unnecessary steps that would otherwise need to be taken by the patron, or leveraging robust, rich animation to improve guest interaction. Other technologies used include building intelligence into functionality that present relevant data based on the patron, 

What new features/products do you plan to promote at G2E 2018?

ATTISHA:  G2E 2018 is going to be a record setter for Atrient. We plan to release the largest number of products we have ever done in any year. This includes the next release of our flagship PowerKiosk product.