International Game Technology PLC (IGT) is giving Ghostbusters fans a paranormal reason to flock to casino floors with the release of its new game, Ghostbusters 4D video slots. Players at the D Las Vegas, Bear River Casino in Loleta, Calif., Sandia Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, N.M., and Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park, Calif. can be among the first in the country to spin their way to big jackpots, and to test their ghost-blasting skills on the much-anticipated slot title. The technology-rich Ghostbusters 4D game delivers fun you can feel through its use of TRUE 3D, mid-air haptic and gesture recognition technologies, and brings to life fan-favorite movie moments from the franchise’s original 1984 film.

Here are five fun facts about IGT’s Ghostbusters 4D video slots that every franchise fan and slot enthusiast should know:

  1. Experience the thrill of 3D…without glasses – Ghostbusters 4D leverages IGT’s TRUE 3D technology to deliver eye-popping 3D graphics, without the use of glasses, Ecto-goggles or other peripherals. The proprietary technology leverages eye and head movement-tracking cameras to enable classic ghostly characters such as Slimer, the Terror Dogs and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to materialize right in front of your eyes.
  2. Thanks to the game’s use of mid-air haptic technology, Ghostbusters 4D players can feel the game’s 3D graphics in mid-air. In bonuses, such as the “Ballroom Blaster Bonus,” a player’s finger becomes a proton blaster, and as players hunt for ghosts and credits, they will feel an energy stream sensation tingling their fingertips.
  3. There are secret gestures that will unveil new game content. Draw a variety of shapes in mid-air any time while playing Ghostbusters 4D and be entertained by customized play and paranormal interactions
  4. On lucky spins players enjoy memorable silver screen moments from Sony Pictures Entertainment’s original 1984 Ghostbusters movie. Players can enjoy movie clips featuring the Ghostbusters, Zuul, the Terror Dogs, Slimer, Ecto-1 and more.
  5. Ghostbusters 4D players will take a seat at IGT’s CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet. The towering game demands attention on casino floors with its 32-inch, landscape-oriented ultra-HD, 4K lower display, and its 50-inch, portrait-oriented, ultra-HD 4K upper display. The game is accompanied by a multi-media sound chair that includes player-adjustable setting for volume, seat rumble, 3D intensity and more.

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