Following a detailed and thorough testing period, California Grand Casino reportedly chose Faded Spade as the room’s preferred playing card.

“After an extensive testing period, California Grand Casino is pleased to go with Faded Spade as our poker playing card company,” Richard Clark, assistant manager, said. “The Faded Spade playing card material, feel, consistency and durability is the best in the market, and the sentiment is echoed by both our dealers and players who have experienced Faded Spade cards. Tom Wheaton and the team at Faded Spade have produced an industry-leading product that is competitively priced and backed by tremendous customer support. We couldn’t be happier to begin dealing Faded Spade cards in 2020.”

“Faded Spade is honored to have a venue with as much history as California Grand Casino join our family,” Tom Wheaton, CEO of Faded Spade, said. “We believe California Grand Casino is dedicated to giving its players the best poker experience and we are proud to support them in doing so by providing the highest quality playing cards poker has to offer.”