Playport Gaming Systems, LLC announced Games-2-Go, a new and innovative solution to offer tribal casinos the ability for drive-thru and curbside purchase and redemption of real money, Class II instant win games. 

Games-2-Go allows casino patrons to download game orders on their phone from anywhere, then drive to their favorite tribal property to purchase the games without leaving their car.  Utilizing Playport’s gaming platform, the player’s game orders are purchased through the scan of a bar code and the digital instant win games instantly transfer to the player’s account for play, on their mobile phones.  Once purchased and downloaded, the player has the ability to play their games anywhere. Players redeem their prizes for cash or additional games, curbside, at the tribal property. 

Playport’s CEO, Marina Bogard, described how Playport’s mobile ordering, when combined with drive-thru and curb service, provides an innovative solution for the gaming industry. “Mobile ordering and on property pick up of real money instant win games gives our tribal casino customers another alternative to engage with players and gives players a way to play games they enjoy with real money prizes.  We are committed to providing innovative and unique solutions to our customers, especially during these unprecedented times for the gaming industry.“

Drive-thru and curbside pickup services are seeing increased use as companies looks for ways to keep business running and stay connected with their customers, safely. Playport’s platform is custom branded with frequently refreshed digital instant win games that can be purchased using cash, credits from previously won prizes, or player loyalty points.