Goldfingers’ infrared touch screens allow industries to build safer products by removing the need for direct skin contact to use. Making end-users feel safe using kiosks, monitors, slot machines, ATM’s and more will be an important step for industries moving forward. Being able to use Goldfinger monitors with gloves, a stylus or pen creates a safer experience for doing typical tasks that we previously took for granted.

“There is a lot of uncertainty right now for equipment manufacturers that typically require the use of skin-to-screen contact,” said Daniel Hartmann, president and CEO of Goldfinger Monitors. “Goldfinger monitors can be used with a gloved finger, stylus or pen and can give both manufacturers and end-users a reason to feel safe.”

Goldfinger has been producing infrared touch screen displays for 10 years and has a track record for building monitors that last. Aside from the benefits of not having to touch the monitors with direct skin contact, they can easily be wipe down with any recommended cleaning solution for safety without worrying about damaging them. Goldfinger touch screens are protected against scratches, fingerprints and other forms of minor damage.