Synergy Blue’s arcade-style, skill-influenced platform and games have been approved for statewide distribution by the Nevada Gaming Commission. After successful field trials at The Linq, Palms and Redrock casinos in Las Vegas, the company is ready to roll out their library of exciting new takes on traditional casino games, and to bring "fun you can bet on" to gamers and gamblers across the state.  

“This is a milestone that we’ve been working towards for a long time and a testament to the quality of our games, as well as to the talent we have across all areas of our company,” said Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue. “We’re very excited to gain approval in our home state of Nevada and we’re grateful to be able to contribute to local and industry recovery once these uncertain times have passed.”

Synergy Blue’s games are built differently from the core on the company’s patented HAWG (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform, which blends regulatory compliant, skill-influenced gambling with the uninterrupted entertainment of arcade and mobile-style play to provide engaging and unique casino entertainment for gamers and gamblers alike. Surrounded by new and evolving gaming styles, multiple demographics of gamblers are gravitating towards games that allow more thought, strategy, or skill. Synergy Blue supplements traditional gambling options with a variety of game play and social gambling entertainment, providing gamblers with increased engagement and casinos with a unique way to increase their net revenue. 

Synergy Blue’s games are currently available in a large format (40”) or a standard width (28”) Slant Top cabinet, and are offered in a single or Multi-Game configuration. Titles now approved for placement in Nevada include:

·         Safari Match - A colorful connect three game that takes you across the savannah, through dazzling waterfalls and past adorable animals that come to life as you play. Match 3 or more animals to collect points, prizes and even extra chances to win.

·         Mahjong - Match tiles as you ascend through the pagoda reaching new levels of enlightenment and bigger bonuses. Find balance in the elements and travel to the gold room where wealth may await you!

·         Candy Ca$h - Satisfy your sweet tooth & fatten your wallet by connecting candies, earning bonuses and winning big.

·         Cocktail Crush - Lift your spirits with this booze bonanza & get your bucks buzzing by matching cocktail concoctions. 

·         Video Poker - Classic video poker, because we know you love it!

·         Pixie Match - Fly with the fairies, earn magic potions, spells and bonuses with every match in this delightful connect 3 game.