Acres 4.0 has launched two new technology products that provide players more safety and choice in slot machine and table game play.

Clean Machine automatically detects when customers finish each play session and instantly dispatches an employee to clean the gaming machine. A placard is placed on each cleaned machine to help players quickly find games that are ready for play. Clean Machine intelligently schedules hand-washing hygiene breaks to keep employees safe and is readily adapted to table games.

Smart Space allows casinos to operate slot floors without removing gaming machines or chairs. When play begins at a gaming machine, adjacent machines, within a casino-defined social distance, are instantly disabled. When play ends, the surrounding machines are automatically enabled and the just-played machine is disabled until it is appropriately cleaned.

“Never in my half-century of gaming experience have casinos faced a threat as potentially disastrous as this COVID crisis,” said John Acres, founder of Acres 4.0. “But with effort, perseverance and innovation, I am convinced we can build an exciting, successful new future of fun and success. Our goal is to get people back to play—and work—in a safe, sustainable environment. We’re thrilled to offer Clean Machine and Smart Space as building blocks of that future.”

Clean Machine is built upon Acres 4.0’s successful Kai platform that uses artificial intelligence to detect service needs and automatically dispatches employees, through mobile technology, to fulfill them. Smart Space is built upon Acres 4.0’s revolutionary CyberMax and Foundation technologies that measure every aspect of gaming machine play while providing an open, secure backbone for cashless wagering solutions, loyalty bonusing, jackpots and harm minimization.